Sunday, August 3, 2014

Camping Trip

TJ and I love to go camping and since he's on his precious one month break from school and the summer seems to be PACKED this year and almost over. So we decided we better hurry and go while we can and have a weekend open. Dallin, Amy and Clay joined us and we went up to AF Canyon. TJ was so excited to go he got work off on Friday and we were loaded and ready and driving up there by 1 pm. We drove around for about an hour looking for a campsite- it was pretty packed already!! We were getting worried until we finally found one and it worked perfect. Then it started to rain.... and rain! Thankfully though, it stopped after a while and we were able to start a fire and our tent was still good and dry. We played in the reservoir both days, ate tin foil dinners, had cherry cobbler and made smores, sat around talking by the campfire for forever and had a really good time. It was pretty cold at night and I was worried it'd be a really loooong night but luckily our tents were good and it quickly warmed up with all our body heat inside! Shaddie slept well snuggled up next to me and the boys were exhausted and slept awesome. So it was definitely worth all the effort and the boys loved it! Summer nights while camping are some of my very favorite!

This water was SO COLD! But the boys loved it and were soaked each day. Levi liked getting his bum bum wet and Ty liked soaking his head?? Crazy kids.

Cowboy boots, Ty's underwear that's too big, and a dirty soccer shirt- lookin good Lev!

Little Clay- 7 months old

Shad- 6 months old

Shad loved eating dirt and graham crackers!

The reservoir was amazingly beautiful! 

Miracle picture- everyone is looking and somewhat smiling-ish!

TJ was standing right next to Shad to catch him the second he let go but it was so funny seeing him "standing." The boys thought it was SO hilarious :)

Someday when these boys are teenagers running around in basketball shorts and no shirt we'll have to compare to these pictures. Ty looks anorexic and Levi looks like a starved Ethiopian child with a bloated belly. 


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Jen Perkins said...

Camping pictures with kids are always my favorite. So cute!