Friday, August 8, 2014


Last week I took Levi into the Alpine School District Assessment Center for his assessment for speech and.... he qualified!!! I was so grateful because it really is hard to actually qualify and I KNEW Levi needed it. I've known he's needed speech for the past year but he didn't qualify for Early Intervention when he turned 2 which I felt he really did need. So I was very happy when they told me his speech was in the 7th percentile for articulation. Ty was also in the 7th percentile but it was for every aspect of speech since he was hardly talking. Levi talks TONS but you just can't understand him very well :) The speech therapist doing the evaluation identified 3 areas of articulation that he needs help in and said all three are completely 100% "fixable"- it's just if we start early then we can fix it faster and quicker. It's most likely due to the anatomy of his ears but as he grows it'll improve- which makes sense since he had sooo many ear infections as a baby and had tubes placed at 1. 

When we first got there, he was acting very shy and crying, saying, "But I'm scared!" and "I want Dad!" over and over. As if that wasn't frustrating enough, he then wouldn't talk for the therapists there and just kept crying- okay, like sobbing with shuddering and quivering chin. UGH!!! I was trying to be very patient and help him get over his initial fear so we didn't have to reschedule and do this whole thing all over but I was very quickly losing my patience!! For about 20 minutes he went on like this until they had a guy come in (a Dad figure) who had with him a coloring picture of Captain America, some candy and a cup. The Capt America picture sold him and he immediately stopped crying. Once the therapist explained for each word he said, he got a candy in the cup all the fear was gone, he sat up, starting talking like normal and we flew through the testing! WHEW!!! Thank goodness for amazing teachers who know how to work with hard kids!! As we went through the testing I thought there was NO WAY he wouldn't qualify since almost every single word he said was not pronounced right. He really does have his own little language and I realized, I've gotten pretty fluent in it. Probably the most expert person in this world, besides Ty :) So anyways, I'm very happy Levi will be in speech this whole next year and he's excited too since we just did this exact same thing with Ty this past school year. Luckily Ty will receive his speech therapy in school as his new autism preschool, Giant Steps, so I'll be driving one kid to the school for the 20 minute speech once a week instead of two. But who would've known I'd have TWO kids with an IEP and know everything about what that is!! ;) 

Not sure what Levi is pouting about in this picture.... haha

The boys colored these pictures all on their own, then came to show me their finished work. I was SO impressed! Ty wrote his name, somehow spelled Iron Man and then wrote Levi's name on his paper! Ty really has a knack for letters and words. He's constantly already 'reading' words- literally. Just today he saw a sign in IKEA that said NEW! He said, "Mom! That is new!" I honestly didn't tell him. He does stuff like that all time. His little autistic brain has some deficits but also major strengths. 

No cavities from either boy! Ty did PERFECT at the dentists' office. He just watched the movie and followed directions perfectly. :)

On the same day Levi had his speech evaluation, we went to the dentists. Again, Levi was crying and saying he was so scared. UGH!!!!! I didn't have much patience left over from this morning but luckily, the hygienists there were amazing with him (and Ty but Ty did awesome! He loved it. Funny how my kids switch the 'difficult role' at times). Eventually they got Levi to sit still, clean and floss his teeth, xrays and checked by the doctor. Again, so glad to have such good professionals in this world that are so kind to children. 

We met Ginger and Curtiss at Leatherby's ice cream shop for Family Night Treat last week. Ty and Lev were so excited to eat ice cream with Parker and of course, wanted "Playdough" ice cream :)

The only way I can get ready in the mornings is to let Shad sit in the sink and turn the water on and off so by the end, he's sitting in a sink full of water and soaked. But it's worth it! 

Poor Shaddie is joining his brothers in napping anywhere while we're out and about everyday. Since June 30, Ty hasn't had school so I've had all 3 kids all day long- which means we fill our days up so we're not stuck at home! We've been really busy all summer and often I'll let the boys go look at the toys at Target as a reward for being good. They also get to sometimes go look at Disney store and Build-a-Bear. They know they don't get to buy anything but they love looking. Of course, it's usually superhero stuff that they are mesmerized with :)

Shad can hold his own bottle! Just the 4 oz one but he sure loves holding it all by himself! It's getting harder to prop the bottle since he's so wiggly and moves a lot. 

My latest project- this fabric banner. Our living room is a little unique and has this indented area that would be perfect for a piano or something big and flat like that. But since I don't have a piano (yet....someday!!) it was hard to decorate. I finally decided to make this little fabric banner since there was the area at the top that needed something and two nails sticking out. Not sure if I love it but it's going to stay since I don't know what else could go there and no time to figure it out :) Thanks, Pinterest. 

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