Thursday, August 21, 2014

Arizona Trip

We had such a good trip in Arizona!! It's always a long drive but SO worth it! Hopefully someday we'll live just a little bit closer so it'll be easier to come back and forth more. It was so great to have Jessie home and (almost) everyone back together! It's so fun to see these babies grow up together and now are starting to play :) 

My mom and her siblings. Before we left for AZ, my Uncle Paul got married to Kaylene. She's so sweet and we're so happy to have her join the family. My mom flew up for it and for Kimberly's bridal shower the next day. My mom is always flying up for a few days, back and forth-we love it! Dallin, Amy and Clay spent the night too so it was a fun little evening together. 

A bunch of the Allen cousins. Melissa was in town for Kimberly's bridal shower so it was so great to talk to her all about nursing school and life in NYC. Her and Jared are having such a blast livin it up in the big city! Makes me a tiny bit jealous :)

Since Jessie hadn't been able to go to the temple for 18 months, we decided a family trip was in order. Of course, we couldn't resist going to the NEW Gilbert Temple! It's literally down the street from my Uncle Terry and Aunt Lori's house- you could walk to it if it wasn't August :) It was beautiful and I LOVED the agave leaves theme inside. It was PACKED, which is always so awesome. We were able to do some family names that I brought too- love it! Some of my cousins did the baptisms/confirmations while most of the others stayed home to watch all the kids. Afterwards we went out to eat at my dad's favorite BBQ place called Rudy's. It was a great day!

Jess looks SO good! I'm so proud of her- losing weight and coming home smaller than when she left! Almost unheard of as a sister missionary! Good job Jess!

So funny watching these babies sit and "play" together :)

Us girls went and got a pedicure since Jess really wanted- okay, needed!- one! It was funny because I wanted this really cute lace pattern done and I ended up with the ugliest pattern ever! Good times!

This baby is now SEVEN months!! He's getting so big and we just love this little guy!! He's trying to crawl everywhere!!!

I took my coworker, Randall's, kids for an afternoon to help them out. His wife is pregnant with baby #4 and has to have home health come daily for fluids, TPN and now possibly a feeding tube since her IVs and PICC lines keep clotting!! She lays on a bed set up in the living room for 24/7. I feel so bad for her!!! :( She's only in the first trimester too. So I was happy to try to help a little. It definitely was CRAZY with 6 little boys at the mall but we had fun and they are good kids. :)

Dally boy the baby-sitter :)

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