Sunday, July 20, 2014

Wengert Reunion

Last week we went to the Wengert Family Reunion in Glenwood, New Mexico. We stayed at these group of cabins and it seriously, was so much fun! It was the same place we went to last year and almost all of the Wengerts were there. Each year we get shirts printed and on the back are our numbers (in the order you joined the family- either by birth or marriage) and this year we were up to #92! That's 92 people just consisting of my dad's immediate family and their families. Now that our family has grown so big we don't see a lot of cousins very often so it's so great to catch up and reconnect. 

We went swimming, went on a hike, had a talent show, testimony meeting, family story night, movie night but mostly just ate and talked and hung out. One thing about Wengerts is that we know how to make good food. Each family group was in charge of one meal so we were eating all the time, even if you weren't hungry again. The best!

I was sad TJ couldn't go again this year- because of dumb grad school- but my mom was SO much help. I couldn't have done it without her and the rest of my fam helping out with the boys. But single parenting for 2 weeks is always exhausting. Especially on the trip back home- I drove by myself with three kids under the age of 4 and with Shaddie, who hates being in his carseat. I broke it up into 2 days so getting a hotel in Vegas helped a lot. But between potty breaks (on the side of the road, of course), food breaks, dropping toys, screaming and crying, bottle propping and fighting the 6 hours each day turned into 7 or 8. Oh and Levi got the flu and threw up twice, covering his car seat in orange cheeto throw up! But the trip was SO worth it. I'd do it over again- that's just how awesome my family is. :)

I got the flu as soon as we got home- thankfully!!!- I can't imagine getting it in a hotel or on the road. This flu virus went through the entire Wengert family- blah! That was the only bad part of it!

The 8 new great grandkids born this past year:

Hyrum- born in August 2013
Jemma- born October 2013
Braden- born November 2013
Wyatt- born December 2013
Clay- born December 2013
Shad- born January 2014
Olyn- born March 2014
Beau- born March 2014

Definitely hard work getting 8 babies to all look at the camera at once. We gave up trying to get smiles and just worked on not all 8 crying at once :)

Most of the great grandkids- too hard to get them all together at once. 

Lexi- Shawnda, Lane, Wyatt
Logan- Jaxon, Jemma
KiLeigh- Porter, Payson, Ollie, Olyn
Janalee- Abbie, Brynlee, Braden
Tara- Ty, Levi, Shad
Devin- Beau
Preston- Hyrum
Dallin- Clay
Shelby- Emma
Rylan- Tripp (born while we were at the reunion!)

Last year all 8 of us were pregnant at this reunion and now this year- 8 little babies!!

The only picture I got of the two Shads- Big Shad was so proud to have a little baby with his same name. It was adorable. 

The numbers on the back correspond to the order in which you joined the family. So the in laws date of birth into the family is their wedding date. My Gram would be so proud and happy to have been there, especially to love on all these babies!! It was neat to think of her looking down, being so happy with her posterity. :)

The back also says, "No Empty Chairs"- something my Grandma would always say, meaning no one gets left behind. When we all get to heaven, we are all there and accounted for and there aren't any empty chairs :) 

I'm #19 in the family, TJ is #69, Ty is #70, Levi is #77 and Shad is #89 :)

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