Friday, July 4, 2014

Summer Break

This week was our first official summer break since Ty finished Bridges last week- it's been so fun since we've had time to go out and DO things. Of course, it's always a little tricky as well since it's a change in our routine and sometimes long days with whiney kids and TJ gone all day- but such is motherhood! Wouldn't change it for anything and love these boys- sometimes just a little more or less at times- just kidding!
We've gone to the zoo, picked up Jordan and Janae from the airport for EFY, swimming lessons, $1 theater and saw An American Tail (the boys loved it and I hadn't seen it since I was a kid), got ice cream, Trader Joes and playgrounds and sprinklers. I just love summer and warmth! People complain about how hot it is here- bahahaha! It feels awesome!

Here's my little Beaubaby in AZ- I miss her so!!!! And yes, if you look closely you can see a tattoo on her right arm- that would be courtesy of her Uncle Tell (he's 18- that explains it :)

Levi took his map job very seriously. He carried it all day long and showed us exactly what we needed to see and (supposedly) where to go.

Ty told me he's "all done liking elephants and turtles at the zoo." He's moved on to crocodiles- that was the only thing he wanted to see and was so excited when we found them.

TJ sent this pic to me at work saying our bed's been taken over. (Obviously our room will be the last to unpack, organize and hang pics. We need to repaint it first since I don't like the baby blue color and I don't know when the repainting's going to happen!)

Jordan's here!! That means selfies every 5 seconds!! 

What a different world these teenagers are growing up in. I was excited because I got my Nokia green screen phone to play snake on when I was 16- one of the first in my high school. Texting didm't exist and we passed notes to each other between classes!!

The Watergardens theater offers summer movies for $1 admission- for $8 we got tickets, a drink, popcorn and candy! Only in Utah County!!
I love being able to take all 3 kids to the movies by myself. Shad's still little enough that he just sits on my lap- it's great!!! I gotta enjoy while we can- time's ticking away and soon he'll be crawling/running away and not able to sit through anything!

So happy that he swam all the way to the steps by himself!

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