Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Reunion Catch Up

Of course I have a million pics from this past vacation so I'm going to blogging tons just to catch up before we go to Moab with the Hendriksens. I just love summer!

I just can't help but take pictures of this baby- she is so abnormally hilarious and a different facial expression every 2 seconds. 

Brynlee was very proud of her new ring!!

On a hike- yes, I climbed up rocks to get this picture ;)

If you are ever looking for my dad or for Shad, you will most likely find them in this position asleep. They are like 2 puzzle pieces :)

The kids loved to swim in the pool so us moms spent a lot of time watching and talking here. 

All Jordy wanted for her bday was for me to take pictures of her..... I call it the selfie generation ;) 

They actually turned out really good and we got a bunch so she was happy. There was a lot of them with a stray chicken or donkey or dog photobombing- we thought it was funny. 

There was a Talent Show while there and our family, being the amazingly talented family that we are, did our talent of Synchronized Swimming- ha! It was a joke! We watched a YouTube video on one and it was so funny. It looked easy too. So we pulled mattresses behind a big blue tarp, Teddi started off by singing some opera type song to fool everyone and we came out and jumped over the tarp on the mattresses. Yea. Tried to jump. Didn't work so well!! It was pretty funny, especially my dad. The routine we made up was complete with lifting Janae up in the air, my Dad dancing as we circled around him, leg kicking and throwing buckets of water at the crowd at the end. It was too dark and not enough lighting to take pictures there so this is the next day. Delwin's family did the same thing (great minds think alike!!) and Terry's family did this awesome stick figure glow in the dark dancing routine- it was awesome!

Clay and Beau- she seriously can't take just a normal picture!!

My grandpa, "El Patron"- love this good hearted cowboy. During the testimony meeting he took a long time to recount his life history, about my grandma, about Carol (his current wife) and what his family means to him. It was probably the most touching and most meaningful thing I've ever heard him say. He said things that even his own kids (my dad) had never heard him say before. It made the entire trip worth it and amazing how growing older brings out tender feelings in a person. It was almost like he was signing off in a way- I sure hope not but it was almost a farewell type of testimony. He talked about how he knows my Gram is near and often the bed will move and he attributes to it being her- sweet things like that. He's a good man and loves his family deeply. I feel honored to be apart of his posterity. 

He sees it, goes in for the kill..... victory!!!! Already teasing the girls and making them cry!

Poor Beau!

Uncle Terry is getting old- he's dozing off in random places during the day....

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