Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Marana Catch Up

Levi liked going over to the clinic to see the animals and especially when Victoria was feeding the baby bulldogs. 

To say we were off schedule was an understatement... but isn't that just apart of vacations?? These boys seriously went to bed at 10-11 pm and would wake up the exact same time- 6:30 am- every morning. They NEVER slept in. I just don't get why they wouldn't want to at least sleep in a tiny bit. So you can imagine all the places they fell asleep at. The cold, hard stone by the fireplace?? Sure, we'll take it!

The weather was actually cooler since it's right in the middle of monsoon season and we got at least one shower every day. We decided to take the boys to the animal museum since it was rainy one day. They were very excited... until we went inside and there were tons of HUGE animals staring at them. Ty kinda freaked out and was pretty scared at first. Okay, like the first 20 minutes. But I was pretty proud of him- after a while he was able to calm down and realize they weren't real and that they weren't going to move or come over him. After that he thought it was AWESOME and just kept telling everyone, "they aren't real??!"- like we were scared too. Whenever there was one he didn't want to get super close to, he'd just say, "no, thank you" while backing away, haha. 

My cousin Quinton came to stay for a week with us while I was there. He's a good kid :)

Dang camera phone- blurry. That's what I get for not taking the time to take my nice, big camera. 

Can't wait until we get past the squinty eye smile when I tell him to say cheese. But he's so good at taking pictures (compared to how he used to be) that I can't even complain!

The boys each got to pick a small toy from the gift shop. Lately they've been into money and every thing they see they bring to me and say, "Is this too much money?" So far it's working great because I just say that it's too much money and they say, "Darn it! Too much money" while putting it back, as if the store itself won't let us buy it or something. 

The computer wouldn't let me fix the red eyes so yes, we all look like aliens. 

Tanner got braces!!!

Also.... speaking about changes and Tanner....

I am soooo PROUD of this kid. Over the last 2 months he's lost 25 pounds! He's 12! A 12 year old sticking to a hard core healthy weight loss lifestyle change- pretty impressive if you ask me. 

Everyone in life has their challenges and some of those challenges just don't make sense but they are very real and always there. Tanner has always struggled with his weight. He has LOVED to eat his entire life. I vividly remember him being 4 years old and pretending to faint because certain foods were soooo delicious to him. Over the years he's been chubby but the last few years he was considered obese. :( It's so incredibly hard to find the balance between letting him be a kid and not hurting his self-esteem vs teaching him how to eat and be healthy. My mom has struggled with knowing what to do for years. Literally. But as the weight crept up his self esteem went the opposite way. He had become quiet and withdrawn and self conscious. It tore at my heart. He wasn't depressed, just quiet. He liked staying home and reading his book in his room instead of going to a friend's house or party. 

So finally my mom couldn't take it anymore. She and Tanner had a heart to heart and they made a hard core game plan and were ready to make some major changes. My mom committed to everything he did, right along side of him. Most of you know my mom is 120 lbs and hardly eats anyways so obviously, she was only doing it to be 100% supportive of Tan. Along the way she fractured her foot at their boot camp that they go to and had to work on gaining some of the weight she lost (because she lost too much)- that's a pretty cool and committed Mom if you ask me!!

So it's amazing to see the before and after pictures! I'm so proud of him! What kid do you know that goes to a party and brings his Fitness pal app on his phone so he can enter the foods he just ate? Or goes to a restaurant and asks the waiter for the nutrition guide so he can chose a lite meal?? Or gets out his tilapia and fat free cheese and veggies to cook as a snack? It was so neat to see how baggy his jeans were, how thin his face was and to see his basketball shorts swish when we were down there.

But what's even more amazing is the change in his personality- I was shocked. He was laughing and talking lots and just seemed.... happy. That's the best word to describe it. The simple word happy. It's the same word I described Ty as our therapies and interventions started working and he was able to express himself. I like that word. It just implies so much more than what those 5 letters spell. So here's the lesson to anyone listening- if you really want something, it is possible. You can do anything you truly desire if you put your mind to it, as cliche as it is. :) Good job, Tan!

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