Sunday, July 20, 2014

At home in Marana

It was great to be able to spend time at home in Marana before and after the reunion- my mom spoils these boys shamelessly and they LOVE her to death. And I mean love. Like a suffocating love. Well, mainly Ty. He will follow "Dama" (that's how he says Grandma) around all day long while holding her hand and stroking or kissing it. If she turns abruptly he bumps into her leg and and turns with her- it's like a parasite.  And my mom has a boot on her leg from fracturing her foot (from doing boot camp with Tanner) and she's supposed to be resting it- ha! That woman still cannot sit still. She took care of those boys so much you'd think they were her own. She's the best grandma a kid could ask for. And she doesn't mind having a parasite kissing her hand and following her around. :)

No my sister is not naked here. She is just being 17 :)

Clay liked his bottle and liked being in the floaty thing in the pool :)

Tanner is about to get punched here.

We happened to be home for Jordan's 17th birthday!!! Happy Birthday Jordy Poo!

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