Thursday, July 31, 2014

Another Catch Up

I feel like this summer I'm always trying to catch up so I often have been doing random posts with too many pictures. But oh well, cause I do this blog for me and if I get behind I'm toast!! So I don't really care about overloading- I know, I know, I sound so rude and self centered :)

On our way down to Arizona, we stopped at Dixie College for Jordan to tour the campus and get a feel for if she'd like to go her next year. Ty was so excited when he "found his name" at the end of university. It was pretty cute, if I say so myself. 

My mom offered to pay for dinner and a hotel if I took Jordan to Dixie and delayed our trip- okkkkay!!! It was pretty fun even if we couldn't find the real restaurant that we wanted. The boys loved the hotel, of course. 

Jordan's idea of baby-sitting. I sent her back to the room while Janae and I fed the boys the continental breakfast. When I came back I found her watching TV, while eating left overs from the night before and Shad makin noise, surrounded by pillows- haha. That's Jordy for ya! These girls aren't exactly used to having babies around like I was my whole life. Janae is actually pretty good- Jordy thinks they are a little stinky, slobbery and cute too ;)

I couldn't find Levi's swim suit so he wore Shad's! :)

My dad getting ready for our synchronized swimming routine for the Wengert talent show. :)

While at my mom's house I just let Shad eat whatever. He LOVED his first Nilla Wafer and made a huge mess!

Ty got to pick out one new shirt while we were back to school shopping. Ty goes to so much school I do normal back to school shopping for him because I don't want him to look like a bum going to school everyday. He was very excited about his new Transformers shirt. We got all our shopping done while both of the others boys slept in the Target cart!

Swimming with the fam in Moab

Levi gets cold SO fast since doesn't really have any meat on his bones. He loved the hot tube to warm back up even though it was 90 degrees outside. 

Ty was a FISH! I couldn't believe it. Ever since we got the Puddlejumpers floatie he now has new confidence and absolutely loves swimming. I should've gotten it a while ago. He even jumps off the side, goes completely under and comes back up all on his own. This is from the kid that was terrified of splash pads and hated swimming suits so this is a big deal for us. Swimming lessons have helped tons too. He even jumped in without the floatie (he forgot it wasn't on) and didn't freak out. Definitely the best $20 I ever spent. Plus we had a bunch of kids with us that couldn't swim so it was nice to not be paranoid and have to watch him ever second. 

Riding the Razor. "Mom! Let's take a picture!" He's been saying that more and more lately. Never thought I'd ever hear him say those words!

Matching ties! When I found out Shad was another boy, to get over my grief (JUST KIDDING!), I decided I'd learn to make matching ties so I could have fun coordinating matching something. Shad's finally big enough to wear the one I made for him. 

Getting snow cones from Swig for FHE one night. Ty is getting to where he LOVES Family Night- it's pretty fun. We have to follow the whole routine and do everything. The boys get SO excited for whatever activity I have for them. I have such fond memories of FHE from when I was little so I enjoy watching their excitement. 

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