Wednesday, June 18, 2014

World Cup!

Every 4 years, the World Cup comes and it's a BIG DEAL for the Hendriksens, especially for my husband and his mom, Ruth, since she came from Colombia here to the US when she was 14. To be honest, I never even knew the World Cup existed before meeting TJ!! Haha. But he had never ridden a horse so it all equals out. 

My mother in law bought team jerseys for all 11 grandsons (there's one on the way, due in August!). Ty has Colombia, Levi has USA and Shad has a Colombia onesie. It was very sweet of her and I wanted pictures together of the soccer fanatics and their little fans. 

I LOVE Shad's face in this one :)

Lawson, Parker, Levi, Shad and Ty- the other 5 grandsons weren't at Sunday dinner so we'll get pics of all 10 boys later. 

It was a little cooler outside and I forgot Shaddie's blanket so we used the scarf.

Ty wanted to wear TJ's Team USA scarf and fell asleep with it. :)

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