Sunday, June 29, 2014


So I grew up in a small cotton farming community, on a ranch where my dad was the local vet. We raised beef cattle, farmed alfalfa hay and worked outside on our 40 acres. So vegetarians, vegans, tree huggers- we don't really get all that. I'm a meat and potatoes kind of girl. 
But then I also grew up with a mom who had 9 kids and weighs 120 lbs, she wakes up at 4:30 am to exercise and she would also walk 7 miles everyday with 2 kids in the jogging stroller and one in the front pack to lose the baby weight (not exaggerating). My mom is crazy and hard core at times. 
So I've had to find the balance of healthy, being fit vs. the love of eating and eating lots! It can be a challenge!! 

Each pregnancy I gain a little more weight (okay, a lot more) than the first one and now that I'm getting closer to 30, it's not just falling off like it did with the previous two. I was getting really frustrated and almost panicky that I might be stuck with this weight from now on! I was killing myself working out and eating fairly healthy 80% of the time without any results- none. Staying the exact same on the scale and still stuck in maternity/large size clothes. Depressing. 

So when my sister in law first started telling me about Whole30 I though it was some crazy, hippy, organize, doterra oil, extreme fad diet that was ridiculous and not possible- no diary, grain, carbs, beans, sweets, processed foods.... what in the heck do you eat???

But the more I started learning about it and saw Ginger's results the more intrigued I became. I saw the recipes that were REAL food- not just rabbit food or food with ingredients I can't pronounce. And they were all simple and few ingredients- I liked that and knew I needed a jumpstart to help me get this weight off so that I can feel good about myself, which leads to being a happier person, better mom and kinder and more loving wife. Overall, when I take care of myself I take care of my family better. 

This is what I posted on Instagram:
"I was hesitant to post this since I normally don't take pics of myself to begin with, let alone showing this much skin!! But the dramatic results (to me) make me want to show others this is possible and REAL! 
Pre-pregnancy weight: 117 lbs
Day of delivery weight: 170 lbs
Obviously, I gain A LOT of weight with each pregnancy! 
5/30/14- Day 1: 146 lbs
6/28/14- Day 30: 134 lbs

-Down 2 pant sizes, only 1 migraine in a month (normally 4+), face clearer, less oily, never over-ate, felt full and satisfied, feel healthier, more energy. Did W30 during a big move to a new house and town, with 3 kids under 4, working nights in a crazy, busy ER and a husband gone all the time with work/grad school. It's totally do-able for anyone who really wants to do it!! It's changed my eating habits and my relationship with food- as corny as it sounds. The only thing I regret is not taking my measurements beforehand since I know several inches came off. Thanks to @whole30, @whole30recipes, @tara_eats_whole, and @gingerdawn for recipes, encouragement, and support!!! (The lighting is different in our new bathroom, I'm not 10x more tan!) :) 

So there you have it. 

I'm a fan of Whole 30. Never would've believed it. 

I plan on doing it again in September and in January after the holidays. I also want to try to eat whole 75% of the time and then normal the rest of the 25%. We'll see how it goes. I just feel soooo good while doing it- very clean and healthy and like I'm treating my body right. 

But all I know right now is that the cheese pizza I had last night was TO DIE FOR. 

Man, food is GOOD!!!!!!!!

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