Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Utah Valley Marathon

No, I didn't run the Utah Valley Marathon (haha!!) but me and the boys ran the 1K Kids Run last Saturday with Parker! 

It was a free race where they got a bib, real medal and shirt- pretty cool if you ask me! It was quite funny overall though- we ended up missing the start of the race so we were running the route backwards to find the middle of the race so we could just join everyone else and finish with the majority of the group. TJ took the two babies to go watch at the finish line and Ginger and I had the three boys. Parker had just woken up from a nap and was a little grumpy and not wanting to even walk, let alone run. Levi had to go potty and I hurry and ran over to the side with him and found a tree. He ran for about 20 steps and then wanted me to carry him like Parker. Ty was the only one that actually ran besides me and Ging (each carrying a boy). We were laughing the whole time and said this year was just a warm up. :)

Some people cry once they reach the finish line because they are so exhausted, some cry because they want a popsicle before pictures. 

The World Cup started a few days ago!!! Viva Colombia! TJ was such a good sport and listened to it while driving and watching the race :)

Nice nose, buddy!

Ty was so excited to see the Provo Temple in progress. You can see it in the reflection with the Angel Moroni- pretty cool. Love how he recognizes temples :)

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