Saturday, June 7, 2014

Ty's Soccer Camp

Ty got to participate in this really amazing autistic soccer camp called Handstands for Goals. It was a 2 day camp that was free in Salt Lake- I was so impressed by it and touched by all the volunteers. Ty got a free ball, shirt and medal at the end. They also provided reinforcements like cheetoes, skittles, and stickers as motivation. You can see he had a little arm band that they would put the stickers on after he'd score a goal or follow directions. Each kid had a mentor or a helper who were 1:1 with them. Ty's little friend was Hannah- she was adorable and so sweet and so amazingly good with him. She reminded me of my sister Janae. I wanted to take her home with me. These teenagers were all just local kids who play soccer and volunteered their time. TJ and I were saying how good it was for both the autistic kid and the teenager- benefitted everyone and was for such a good cause. They also had popsicles for all the kids after and had visitors like Leo the Lion from ReAL Salt Lake and U of U soccer players there helping- it really was organized and planned out so well. Ty loved it and slept with his soccer ball that night. He did really well too- never once wanted to stop or got sad. Events like this always make me grateful for the strengths that Ty does have and happy that he's high functioning enough (and progressed enough) that he's mentally and physically able to fully participate and enjoy an activity like this. 

The park was right by the U so TJ was able to meet us there both days.

The second day Ty had fallen asleep on the drive up so Dad had to help him wake up and kick. After some tickling and giggling, he was awake and ready to go!

Playing the nerd role well!

I love how you can see Hannah laughing here. She was so genuine and loved working with little Ty. It was adorable to see them together. We got lucky getting her.

Ty was so PROUD of this little plastic medal. As soon as he got into the car, the first thing he said was that he needed to call Grandma Wengert and tell her about his medal. They had a full conversation about it too. Ty really does have a special bond with her. He loves her soooo much and is always talking about her. 

Ty had 3 little friends from his school there too- Luke, Braden, and Scarlett. It's so cute when they see each other- they run and hug like it's been so long since they've last been together! Luke has been one of Ty's best friends since the very beginning of Bridges. Levi and Graham are the two little brothers that have been towed along side all their brothers' therapies for the past 2 years. They have grown up together at all the preschool events and autism activities. They are such good little boys!

But it's still hard to get a good picture together!

Ty had a lot of interesting moves- half the time I thought I was watching gymnastics or something!

Ty was TERRIFIED of Leo the Lion!!! I knew he would be and when I first saw Leo on the field I looked for Ty to tell Hannah. When I found him, Ty was GLUED to her and crying. They went to the opposite end and stayed far away. In the car Ty kept saying, "Tomorrow, no lion. It will be fun. No lion!" haha. His little buddy Braden was glued to him! Leo was so good and just held him while still playing and interacting with the kids. I thought it was cute. 

You can see his trademark tongue sticking out. It'll be interesting to see if that sticks through out the years! :)

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