Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Move


Moving is A LOT of work.

I think that each kid you have multiplies the chaos of it all x 100. 

I am so glad that is all over with for a while. We put our house on the market them middle of March and officially closed on June 6, 2014. Three months of showing the house, paperwork, packing, cleaning- just moving related stuff. I am so excited to have things back to normal!! I'm about 80% done unpacking and about 60% decorating and hanging pictures and stuff. WHEW!

But even though it's a lot of work and has been chaos with work and school and still normal life in between moving and unpacking, we are loving it! We love the house, the area and it just feels right for these next two years that we'll remain in Utah. I love having a finished and complete house with a backyard. I love driving into our area where there are fields and tractors bailing hay, horses, and the smell of agriculture. I also love how it's 5 minutes from the freeway for TJ and helps with both of our commutes. Even though we are further north, both of our driving times have decreased. We were able to close on both houses on the same day and move straight from one house to the other. The odds of that happening were crazy but it did and this whole experience has just been guided by Heavenly Father and where we need to be. 

Hello, Lehi house!

Goodbye, Pleasant Grove house!

Ty kept telling everyone that we are moving to Lehi but he's not here (the prophet), he's at church. :)

This container thing was a lifesaver!! We slowly moved everything in, a big truck came and moved it to our new house and then they picked it up when we were done. So worth it considering we really didn't have much time to move with work/school/kids. 

The boys were always trying to help me with the boxes and packing :) They carried all these boxes that someone dropped off on the sidewalk up the stairs and onto the deck!

We had to keep our air conditioner off for the last 2 weeks living there in case some damaged were to happen to the swamp cooler- it certainly wasn't AZ heat but it got pretty toasty in there! So glad to be done with all that! We are LOVING having AC in our new house :)

All the crazy things that go on when you're trying to move, pack, clean and get things done. The boys watched too much netflix, ate whatever they wanted out of the fridge, and I even found them going potty off the back deck between the rails!!!!! Ahhhhh!!!

This baby found his toes about 2 weeks ago and loves to lay and hold them all the time!!!

Levi gets nose bleeds all the time so he often sleeps like this. All our blankets were packed and I could only find this Little Mermaid sheet :)

Shopping for bathroom stuff at Kohls :)

This backyard doesn't look like much and there's other houses all around but this is heaven to us after having had 0.5 acres of a steep slope for a backyard. The boys are so excited to run around and play and we had big plans to fix it up! We'll see :)


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Meagan said...

Your new house looks adorable! Can' t wait to see pictures of it all after you're done settin' up shop!