Friday, June 20, 2014

Summer Stuff

Last week we checked out the Lehi Rec Center pool- it was pretty cool! Ginger, Lawson, Parker and Ruth came with us. The boys loved playing in the water even though it was actually a chilly day! Crazy Utah weather!

Levi found a giant Captain America and was pretty excited!

Levi is going through a phase where he misses TJ ALL DAY LONG and cries for him, especially if he gets into trouble. When he got his Costco pizza and saw there were two pieces he was so excited to take one home to Dad and save it for him. He wanted to take a picture and send it to him :) 

Ruth took both boys out to the movies this week to celebrate each of their birthdays. They were SO excited and it was awesome for me too! ;) They went and saw How to Train Your Dragon 2, went to 'Old McDonalds' and got to pick out a toy. For some reason they picked out these giant T Rex and Shark?? They were sure happy! While they were gone Shad and I went to 6 different stores and got errands done in an hour and a half. Why did I ever complain or think that having one little baby was hard?? :)

The rare moment when ALL THREE are asleep- ahhhh. The only hard part is deciding what to do with myself during that precious time :)

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