Sunday, June 1, 2014

One Year Surprise Party!

Well, it came folks! One year has passed since the accident on May 30, 2013! To celebrate how far Dallin's come and also the fact that he SURVIVED and ALIVE, Amy threw a really great surprise party up in Logan- it was awesome!!!

She told him she was taking him to eat at a nice restaurant but wanted to surprise him so had him blindfolded. Friends, family, the EMS responders- lots of people came and it was so touching!

Dallin was soooo surprised! It was awesome!

 These guys are the EMS first responders who literally saved Dallin's life and gave him a fighting chance. Peter Nielsen, on the end, is the one who held his airway open for the first 8 minutes and the reason why he's alive and functioning so well today. I got very emotional when I met them and was overwhelmed at the sight of them all together. When I was introducing myself and got to Peter, I lost it and just gave him a hug- no introductions or words needed :) They all were such kind, wonderful people who care so much. It was so incredibly interesting to hear their side of the story and what they found when they arrived on scene. Over and over I heard comments about how amazing the facebook page was because it allowed people to be so involved and, especially for EMS, allowed them to have direct and continued follow up on a patient which never happens and was so fulfilling for them. I know TJ was inspired to make that page and was lead by the Spirit to do so. It's had such long lasting effects. One sweet lady said, "I felt like I was going to church every time I got on facebook!" :)

Uncle Kenny loaded up his grill and cooked all the hotdog and hamburgers. He's amazing and we so appreciated all his hard work!

Megan and Connor helped Amy so much with the party and are such great friends to Dallin and Amy- they are awesome! And they have a pretty adorable Tucker, who is Clay's best buddy!

Tucker, Clay and Shad- the three boys!

The 4 babies! They all were born within 6 weeks of each other! It was so funny just watching them all lay there together- arms and legs were flying and smacking each other, laughing and cooing. It literally was like watching quadruplets since, developmentally, they are all at the same age. They are adorable!

Tucker- born December 10th
Clay- born December 31st
Jane- born December 20th
Shad- born January 21st

Someone got into the cake towards the end as we were cleaning up..... 

It was a very long drive home for us with 3 cranky kids, sleeping and waking up occasionally and I was sooo tired and sleepy while driving!! I hate that!!!  TJ and I had to drive separate cars and didn't get home close to midnight. But I wouldn't have missed it for the world. It was so fulfilling to be there and be surrounded by people who love and care about our family so much. It was extremely touching and just had us reflecting on how far we've all come in a year, how bad it was in the beginning and what a miracle it really was. We use that word 'miracle' over and over, not trying to be cliche or special but because there literally is no other word to describe it.

In my mind, this whole experience is no different than the story of Lazarus in the Bible. Christ raised Lazarus from the dead after 4 days but not before, first, pausing to weep with Mary and Martha. He ached for them because of their sorrow and pain even though he knew what would happen next. I've felt that same love when Dallin was in the ICU as well as overwhelming sorrow, like Mary and Martha. On May 30, 2013, we were preparing to either plan a funeral or convert my parent's house into a hospital type room where we could take care of a vegetative-state Dallin for the rest of his life. He was like Lazarus- practically dead. Even the EMS guys said they thought there was no way Dallin would survive the Life Flight trip to Ogden. Yet for some reason, his work here was not yet finished like Lazarus. Christ, figuratively, raised Dallin up- just another miracle He performed.

Dallin is walking, living, breathing miracle. Science, medicine, physics- whatever- cannot explain why he has almost returned to full functioning- why he is not angry, depressed, or aggressive, why he is taking classes in school and able to care for his son and provide for his wife, why he can think and walk and run and breathe and reason and drive a car. We've learned so much during this past year and grown as a family. We appreciate the gift of life and respect our bodies, especially our BRAINS!! We strive to be grateful for the tender mercy Heavenly Father gives us daily and know the power of prayer and fasting and gratitude. It's given me a refreshed view of the world to know that there are GOOD people out there who love and serve others, even from a distance or over a computer. I've learned more from this experience than I ever thought was possible and hope to always remember these things that were learned, painfully, but appreciate the growth. This trial isn't over, and it never will be in this lifetime, but I am grateful for our Savior and Father in Heaven who have been with our family, literally, every step of the way and continues to lead and guide. 

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I'm so glad Heavenly Father answered all of our prayers! Miracles do happen!