Thursday, June 19, 2014

New Bike

And this would be my niece, Beau- isn't she so adorably funny and darling? 

My sweet nephew, Lawson. Ginger and Ruth came over to help us move, pack and clean- they were lifesavers!!!!! 

Kids on the Move and eBay teamed up to sponsor this really neat bike event where all the kids got a completely free bike! They had a ton already assembled and just sitting on the lawn and all you did was walk up and choose which one you wanted and take it home! Ty chose the balance bike because it was for 'big kids.' He was so excited and even though it was right in the middle of our moving day, I was glad we went! 

Levi copies everything Ty does- I guess even in his sleep??

My friend recently asked if Shad ever drinks his bottle any other way- it made me laugh out loud because sadly, no. That's just the nature of being the youngest :) 


Moving is so tiring! 

Shad in his usual spot- bottle propped :)

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