Sunday, June 29, 2014

Levi's Dog

We recently watched a dog for our neighbors but mostly to test a dog out with our kids. Ty has been going through this phase where he is terrified of dogs- nothing drives me more crazy than that being a vet's daughter and growing up with tons of animals from (literally) day 1 of my whole life. So I'm trying to get Ty over it but not sure how. This dog, Bella, was such a great dog!! She loved playing and was so sweet and about a medium sized dog- however, Ty was still so scared. He did not get down off the table for 3 days. So I'm not sure what we're going to do about dogs right now. I really want one and Levi LOVES them. He kept calling her his dog. And I want my kids to grow up with animals. So somehow, we need to find the perfect dog. That might mean getting a puppy and starting from the very beginning.... a lot of work and pretty much like potty training a baby- ugh. Not something I'm exactly looking forward to even though I'd love having a little puppy. 

This boy loves chewing on his fingers. He also still loves his rice cereal. And I mean LOVES. 

I realized I forgot about Memorial Day weekend pics that I found on my computer. Guy, Ruth, Ginger and Curtiss came down and we had a BBQ and a hike. That's one thing I'll definitely miss about our PG home- the view. Amazing how you can see Utah Lake so easy.

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