Friday, June 27, 2014

Levi's Birthday Party

We had Levi's 3rd birthday party at the Alpine Splash pad again and had a cousin party with Parker, Trey, Brock, and Peyton. We ordered pizza, the boys played and us girls just sat and talked. :) Perfect party. 

I had to order his Iron Man stuff online because I couldn't find it in stores and it was cheaper with a coupon code to spend a certain amount to get free shipping so that's how we got this giant Iron Man balloon. Levi was soooooooo excited. 

It was a little windy at the park and pretty busy with kids everywhere!!!

But we still had FUN!

Trying to get a picture of all three of them....

Blowin out the candles!

And PHOTOBOMBED by this kid- dang! It was actually a really good picture with a good smile too!!

It was so cute to see Peyton reading Levi's new book to the little boys. :)

Levi adds so much to our family and I'm so grateful for him in so many ways. He brings the perfect balance to our family and is so sweet and kind. He's still a very easy going and calm little boy. I can take him anywhere and he'll just sit by my side, play on my phone quietly, or stay asleep. People comment all the time about how amazing it is where he sleeps and when. I had to go to an important meeting for Ty's new school recently and couldn't find a baby-sitter. It was during nap time and I knew he'd sleep so I just put him in the umbrella stroller and that's what he did the whole time. People were so impressed. He's always sleeping in Target or Costco carts and of course, the carseat. 
He's a good little eater- when he's not influenced by Ty! He'll copy anything and everything Ty does or Parker- depending on who's around. He sleeps well and does awesome going potty. He still struggles with accidents sometimes at night and needs help going (otherwise we have spraying going on everywhere!!!). 
His speech is improving and he has a large vocabulary, it's just a little hard to understand sometimes. Okay, all the time. :) He has his evaluation for speech services through the school district in a few weeks so we'll see if he qualifies. 
His best friend is Ty Ty and they play together all day long. They do fight but not as much as I expect and hug and cuddle occasionally. 
He loves superheroes, transformers and is constantly changing his favorite color. He loves any type of batter or cookie dough, chocolate milk, raspberries, fruit snacks and popsicles.  
His hair is getting darker and darker and his eyes are deep brown/black. 
He still likes to snuggle and has a deep kindness towards others that comes out frequently. So in love with this little boy!

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