Friday, June 20, 2014


Every year TJ's company sponsors a Lagoon Day and every year it's been a little tricky with Mr. Ty Ty. The first year we came it was a disaster- before we knew about the autism and talk about melt downs, sensory overloading and total tantrums. We even made him ride a ride (what 2 year old doesn't like going on rides??) and scarred him for life. It was very frustrating. Last year was a little better but still hard. He didn't want to go on anything but was willing to wait in the lines. Just at the last minute he'd chicken out and tantrum. Ugh. So this year I was very curious as to what would happen. We talked about it and they were very excited to ride the "toys." 

I was so pleasantly surprised and thrilled!! We had SO much fun just because this year was such a stark contrast to previous years. There were still a few rides Ty said no to but went on plenty and LOVED it. The look on each of their faces was totally worth it all :) 


 Ty was sooo excited to ride the "Captain America plane."

So I hate selfies (of myself) but the boys actually wanted to while we were riding the train and were laughing so much that I couldn't resist. And they are actually smiling too! So don't mind my huge teeth! 

The boys got a kick out of the bumper cars. Took a little while to figure out what to do with them!

This picture about sums up the day and Ty's progress for the year!

Each time the jeep truck would spin around the edge Ty would throw his arms up in the air! 

Love this picture! He was in total heaven :)

You can see Levi's bruised face. He still has scar tissue and light discoloration from when he jumped off the couch back in March. Then he recently ran into Ty and has a bruise on top of the bruise. It's never gonna heal!

This baby was so good and patient, just hangin out at Lagoon!

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