Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Dirty Dash #3

This year we did the Dirty Dash with Dallin and Amy. We were supposed to do it with the Deddis but since they moved, it was just us 4! It had a little bit extra significance because this time last year, Dallin and Amy were supposed to do it too but they were in the ICU with Dallin fighting for his life. Jordan and Tell ran it in their place and we made the Wingin it for Dallin Wengert shirts instead. :) We are very glad he was running it instead of being anywhere else!! The only bad part was that he wore his wedding ring and it slipped off during a really muddy part of the race!!! But we found a $30 replacement ring on ksl so it all worked out!!

The race this year seemed to have extra muddy mud- it was SO THICK in some areas you seriously got stuck. This one obstacle took about 20 minutes to get through with the boys literally pushing Amy and I through. It was a lot of fun and thanks to Linda for watching the 4 little boys!

They told us to make a funny face??

We ran this literally, right in the middle of our move. Things were everywhere and chaotic but it was so much fun and we were glad we did it. When we were leaving I couldn't find my old, worn out shoes to run in. We were late so I just grabbed my good ones since I didn't know what else to do and everything was still in boxes. When we got there I really didn't want to use my good ones seeing everyone else's so covered in mud and almost ruined. They get so muddy that there's a station at the end where you can donate your shoes to Africa or whatever and they take them, muddy and filthy, so you don't have to take them home with you. Amy, being the awesome Amy that she is, went up to someone who was donating their shoes and asked what size they were. When they said 8.5 she asked if she could use them first and then donate them at the end. They looked at her weirdly, staring at her own shoes on her feet and said okayyyy. Amy proudly brought them back to me as I slipped on the muddy shoes that fit perfectly! Then I donated them at the end and the problem was solved!! :) Thanks, Aims!

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