Friday, June 27, 2014


Today was Ty's last day of Bridges autism preschool. We've been going here since August 2012 and for the past year and a half for 28 hours/week, Monday-Friday. To say it's been a huge part of our lives is an understatement. This has been our home away from home- literally. 

We brought some treats in for the staff and a little gift of a DVD I made for each of them but how do you repay someone that has literally saved your child's life? Not in a physical sense but in an emotional, mental type of way. Hard to explain but that's how I feel about them and what they've done. 
And not just for Ty- our whole family.

Experiencing this world of autism has opened up SO many lifelong friendships that have been formed, bonded and strengthened along the way. It's incredible and our life would be a little sad without some of these wonderful people in it!! I can't imagine not knowing them had we not had this trial in our life. 

Autism Moms. 
Some of the best, most patient, loving people I know. Instant support group. 

They get it!! Not many people do or even try or are too busy judging. Not these moms. :)

Bobbi, Lisa and Keisha and I have driven twice a day to Bridges at Kids on the Move in Orem to drop off and pick up our sons for the past 18-24 months. We've driven daily from all over Utah County and we've seen each other every single weekday, often in our sweats, no make- up, crazy hair- okay, I'm mostly talking about myself. We've graduated Bridges as much as our boys' have! 
Over the months we've picked up our boys with bags of wet clothing from periods of potty training, helped with the other siblings that are dragged around and always sleeping in the car, just smiled as a meltdown was happening as we're trying to deal with it, and mostly, just talked. Discussed what to do, things that have helped/worked and just been there. Knowing you aren't alone and are in this together is the best therapy of all for us moms who just want to do what's best for our kids. 

Braden, Ty, Luke and Zander. There's countless other kids that have also come and gone from the program or who wasn't interested in a picture (haha) but these boys have been through a lot together. It's so cute to see them interact and talk to each other. They'll miss seeing each other every day. But these kids are amazing and are going to go far in life. And it's because of Bridges and these friendships.

Just a handful of some of the teachers, therapists, kids and moms. Great people who care about these kiddos!

This little video I made basically sums everything up:

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Karina said...

I love reading about your experiences with Ty. Our oldest was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder a few months ago. We are working with different programs that deal with teens however, I think the programs available now for littles would have been awesome way back when he was little. Good luck to Ty as he bridges onto his next school!