Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Bridges Graduation

Bridges Preschool
August 2012- June 2014

Ty had his Bridges Preschool Graduation last week on May 21, 2014, even though he still has another month left of school. He's in the ATA Grant which provides additional funding so that's why he goes longer. Since he has a whole month left, I won't go into detail to much about how much we LOVE Bridges, how they've changed our life, and how much these people mean to us right now! :)

With Mr. Cody, one of his very favorites

My grandparents drove all the way down from Kaysville, about a 45 minute drive to watch a little 30 minute preschool performance. It really meant a lot to me that they care enough to do that and wanted to be there more than anything. They also gave Ty and Levi a graduation present (because my grandma insisted that one can't have a present without the other!). They both have health problems but that doesn't stop them from doing whatever they can to fully support their grandkids. Love these guys!

There's a part where they sing a song and each kid has a chance to come up and dance in the hula hoop circle when their name in called. Last year Ty refused to come up, was too shy and for some reason, kept chewing on his hands the whole performance. Weird. So I was hoping for some improvement this year and for sure, we got it! Ty did so good! He was interactive, got up and danced with no problems and was so proud. I seriously can't stress enough about how far he's come this year!!

Captain America watching Ty Ty

We LOVE Ms. Sara!!!

Miss Courtney is handing out the diplomas. She's so great too!

Nice face Lev!

Next year he got accepted into Giant Steps, an autism preschool that we've been on the waiting list for 2 years for. I had been fasting and praying for months that he'd get it. So when they told us there wasn't room for him and we got rejected, I was devastated. However, I quickly figured out plan B and got over it. Then, about a month later, I got a call from a very excited teacher from his school that I had been corresponding with, that they had an unexpected opening and they had room for him! He literally was the LAST kid accepted. So we are very grateful and excited and Ty talks about going to his "new, special school" all the time. He's very excited to ride the school bus too!!! I'm a little nervous to be putting my baby on a bus!! ;)

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