Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Bears, Cake and Ice Cream

We celebrated Levi's birthday a little early this year for a few reasons- a few cousins are leaving on vacation next week, we leave the week after that for Arizona and this little boy has had a hard time waiting ever since Ty's birthday!! Every day he asks me, "Am I 3 yet? Is it my birthday yet?" It's hard having a birthday right smack in the middle of summer like his July 7th birthday, since summer is so busy with vacations and things and people coming and going all the time. So it worked out perfectly and he has no idea! He's just happy to be 3 and finally have his party and "birthday stuff and bear." It's so adorable how excited he gets over anything related to his birthday. There's a part of me that LOVES my kids getting older and how much fun they are!

We did the same thing we did with Ty- went to Build a Bear to pick out a Superhero bear. He's been so excited for one ever since Ty got his Captain America one. But I was so worried when we walked in and I didn't see an Iron Man outfit anywhere in the Superhero section... they were sold out, even online. I was so worried he'd be crushed since it's all he's talked about. But luckily, this easy-going, easy to please kid of mine simply chose Thor instead and is in love with him. :) He immediately chose the little white bear and named him Thor. 

Ty kept acting like a little parent, as if he was so experienced since he had done this before. He kept showing him different outfits to chose, where to stand and what to do. He kept wanting to be in the pictures with Levi and would put his arm around him and say cheese while Lev would try to throw his arm off of him. :) Afterwards we got our birthday ice cream and they were in heaven. 

That night we made his birthday cake for his party the next day. Again, he was in heaven, especially as I let him lick the bowl and spoons. I seriously love Esty- I ordered this from them, slapped it on the cake and just decorated around it. Easiest cake ever and it looked pretty cool. 

Love this Iron Man birthday boy!

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