Monday, June 23, 2014

5 Months

Happy 5 months to our Shaddie!

At 5 months, Shad is turning into a little person- I love this age. He rolls over the second he touches the ground and then will continue rolling until he gets stuck somewhere and decides he'd rather be held-NOW. He loves his rice cereal, holding his own pacifier/bottle and sucking on it. It's almost like he's stroking it or just savoring the feeling of his favorite things in the world. :) He's had 3 haircuts so far and his hair is fairly light brown/blondish. His eyes are dark so I'm assuming they will just be dark brown like the rest of us. He still likes to sleep with me which is something we are going to work on once we get done with summer vacations but he sleeps like a champ and is still a cuddler. He smiles very easy now and still wants to be held- all the time!!! He does much better in his carseat and has learned to soothe himself and go right to sleep on the drive over to preschool. His brothers still think he's so funny and entertaining. He does like his swing, is always is arching his back to get out of the bumbo and plays with his toys for a little while until he wants to be held again :) We just love this little boy!!!

TJ's idea of heaven- taking a nap while watching World Cup games and no guilt because he's helping by holding the baby :)

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