Sunday, June 29, 2014


So I grew up in a small cotton farming community, on a ranch where my dad was the local vet. We raised beef cattle, farmed alfalfa hay and worked outside on our 40 acres. So vegetarians, vegans, tree huggers- we don't really get all that. I'm a meat and potatoes kind of girl. 
But then I also grew up with a mom who had 9 kids and weighs 120 lbs, she wakes up at 4:30 am to exercise and she would also walk 7 miles everyday with 2 kids in the jogging stroller and one in the front pack to lose the baby weight (not exaggerating). My mom is crazy and hard core at times. 
So I've had to find the balance of healthy, being fit vs. the love of eating and eating lots! It can be a challenge!! 

Each pregnancy I gain a little more weight (okay, a lot more) than the first one and now that I'm getting closer to 30, it's not just falling off like it did with the previous two. I was getting really frustrated and almost panicky that I might be stuck with this weight from now on! I was killing myself working out and eating fairly healthy 80% of the time without any results- none. Staying the exact same on the scale and still stuck in maternity/large size clothes. Depressing. 

So when my sister in law first started telling me about Whole30 I though it was some crazy, hippy, organize, doterra oil, extreme fad diet that was ridiculous and not possible- no diary, grain, carbs, beans, sweets, processed foods.... what in the heck do you eat???

But the more I started learning about it and saw Ginger's results the more intrigued I became. I saw the recipes that were REAL food- not just rabbit food or food with ingredients I can't pronounce. And they were all simple and few ingredients- I liked that and knew I needed a jumpstart to help me get this weight off so that I can feel good about myself, which leads to being a happier person, better mom and kinder and more loving wife. Overall, when I take care of myself I take care of my family better. 

This is what I posted on Instagram:
"I was hesitant to post this since I normally don't take pics of myself to begin with, let alone showing this much skin!! But the dramatic results (to me) make me want to show others this is possible and REAL! 
Pre-pregnancy weight: 117 lbs
Day of delivery weight: 170 lbs
Obviously, I gain A LOT of weight with each pregnancy! 
5/30/14- Day 1: 146 lbs
6/28/14- Day 30: 134 lbs

-Down 2 pant sizes, only 1 migraine in a month (normally 4+), face clearer, less oily, never over-ate, felt full and satisfied, feel healthier, more energy. Did W30 during a big move to a new house and town, with 3 kids under 4, working nights in a crazy, busy ER and a husband gone all the time with work/grad school. It's totally do-able for anyone who really wants to do it!! It's changed my eating habits and my relationship with food- as corny as it sounds. The only thing I regret is not taking my measurements beforehand since I know several inches came off. Thanks to @whole30, @whole30recipes, @tara_eats_whole, and @gingerdawn for recipes, encouragement, and support!!! (The lighting is different in our new bathroom, I'm not 10x more tan!) :) 

So there you have it. 

I'm a fan of Whole 30. Never would've believed it. 

I plan on doing it again in September and in January after the holidays. I also want to try to eat whole 75% of the time and then normal the rest of the 25%. We'll see how it goes. I just feel soooo good while doing it- very clean and healthy and like I'm treating my body right. 

But all I know right now is that the cheese pizza I had last night was TO DIE FOR. 

Man, food is GOOD!!!!!!!!

Levi's Dog

We recently watched a dog for our neighbors but mostly to test a dog out with our kids. Ty has been going through this phase where he is terrified of dogs- nothing drives me more crazy than that being a vet's daughter and growing up with tons of animals from (literally) day 1 of my whole life. So I'm trying to get Ty over it but not sure how. This dog, Bella, was such a great dog!! She loved playing and was so sweet and about a medium sized dog- however, Ty was still so scared. He did not get down off the table for 3 days. So I'm not sure what we're going to do about dogs right now. I really want one and Levi LOVES them. He kept calling her his dog. And I want my kids to grow up with animals. So somehow, we need to find the perfect dog. That might mean getting a puppy and starting from the very beginning.... a lot of work and pretty much like potty training a baby- ugh. Not something I'm exactly looking forward to even though I'd love having a little puppy. 

This boy loves chewing on his fingers. He also still loves his rice cereal. And I mean LOVES. 

I realized I forgot about Memorial Day weekend pics that I found on my computer. Guy, Ruth, Ginger and Curtiss came down and we had a BBQ and a hike. That's one thing I'll definitely miss about our PG home- the view. Amazing how you can see Utah Lake so easy.

Friday, June 27, 2014


Today was Ty's last day of Bridges autism preschool. We've been going here since August 2012 and for the past year and a half for 28 hours/week, Monday-Friday. To say it's been a huge part of our lives is an understatement. This has been our home away from home- literally. 

We brought some treats in for the staff and a little gift of a DVD I made for each of them but how do you repay someone that has literally saved your child's life? Not in a physical sense but in an emotional, mental type of way. Hard to explain but that's how I feel about them and what they've done. 
And not just for Ty- our whole family.

Experiencing this world of autism has opened up SO many lifelong friendships that have been formed, bonded and strengthened along the way. It's incredible and our life would be a little sad without some of these wonderful people in it!! I can't imagine not knowing them had we not had this trial in our life. 

Autism Moms. 
Some of the best, most patient, loving people I know. Instant support group. 

They get it!! Not many people do or even try or are too busy judging. Not these moms. :)

Bobbi, Lisa and Keisha and I have driven twice a day to Bridges at Kids on the Move in Orem to drop off and pick up our sons for the past 18-24 months. We've driven daily from all over Utah County and we've seen each other every single weekday, often in our sweats, no make- up, crazy hair- okay, I'm mostly talking about myself. We've graduated Bridges as much as our boys' have! 
Over the months we've picked up our boys with bags of wet clothing from periods of potty training, helped with the other siblings that are dragged around and always sleeping in the car, just smiled as a meltdown was happening as we're trying to deal with it, and mostly, just talked. Discussed what to do, things that have helped/worked and just been there. Knowing you aren't alone and are in this together is the best therapy of all for us moms who just want to do what's best for our kids. 

Braden, Ty, Luke and Zander. There's countless other kids that have also come and gone from the program or who wasn't interested in a picture (haha) but these boys have been through a lot together. It's so cute to see them interact and talk to each other. They'll miss seeing each other every day. But these kids are amazing and are going to go far in life. And it's because of Bridges and these friendships.

Just a handful of some of the teachers, therapists, kids and moms. Great people who care about these kiddos!

This little video I made basically sums everything up:

Levi's Birthday Party

We had Levi's 3rd birthday party at the Alpine Splash pad again and had a cousin party with Parker, Trey, Brock, and Peyton. We ordered pizza, the boys played and us girls just sat and talked. :) Perfect party. 

I had to order his Iron Man stuff online because I couldn't find it in stores and it was cheaper with a coupon code to spend a certain amount to get free shipping so that's how we got this giant Iron Man balloon. Levi was soooooooo excited. 

It was a little windy at the park and pretty busy with kids everywhere!!!

But we still had FUN!

Trying to get a picture of all three of them....

Blowin out the candles!

And PHOTOBOMBED by this kid- dang! It was actually a really good picture with a good smile too!!

It was so cute to see Peyton reading Levi's new book to the little boys. :)

Levi adds so much to our family and I'm so grateful for him in so many ways. He brings the perfect balance to our family and is so sweet and kind. He's still a very easy going and calm little boy. I can take him anywhere and he'll just sit by my side, play on my phone quietly, or stay asleep. People comment all the time about how amazing it is where he sleeps and when. I had to go to an important meeting for Ty's new school recently and couldn't find a baby-sitter. It was during nap time and I knew he'd sleep so I just put him in the umbrella stroller and that's what he did the whole time. People were so impressed. He's always sleeping in Target or Costco carts and of course, the carseat. 
He's a good little eater- when he's not influenced by Ty! He'll copy anything and everything Ty does or Parker- depending on who's around. He sleeps well and does awesome going potty. He still struggles with accidents sometimes at night and needs help going (otherwise we have spraying going on everywhere!!!). 
His speech is improving and he has a large vocabulary, it's just a little hard to understand sometimes. Okay, all the time. :) He has his evaluation for speech services through the school district in a few weeks so we'll see if he qualifies. 
His best friend is Ty Ty and they play together all day long. They do fight but not as much as I expect and hug and cuddle occasionally. 
He loves superheroes, transformers and is constantly changing his favorite color. He loves any type of batter or cookie dough, chocolate milk, raspberries, fruit snacks and popsicles.  
His hair is getting darker and darker and his eyes are deep brown/black. 
He still likes to snuggle and has a deep kindness towards others that comes out frequently. So in love with this little boy!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Bears, Cake and Ice Cream

We celebrated Levi's birthday a little early this year for a few reasons- a few cousins are leaving on vacation next week, we leave the week after that for Arizona and this little boy has had a hard time waiting ever since Ty's birthday!! Every day he asks me, "Am I 3 yet? Is it my birthday yet?" It's hard having a birthday right smack in the middle of summer like his July 7th birthday, since summer is so busy with vacations and things and people coming and going all the time. So it worked out perfectly and he has no idea! He's just happy to be 3 and finally have his party and "birthday stuff and bear." It's so adorable how excited he gets over anything related to his birthday. There's a part of me that LOVES my kids getting older and how much fun they are!

We did the same thing we did with Ty- went to Build a Bear to pick out a Superhero bear. He's been so excited for one ever since Ty got his Captain America one. But I was so worried when we walked in and I didn't see an Iron Man outfit anywhere in the Superhero section... they were sold out, even online. I was so worried he'd be crushed since it's all he's talked about. But luckily, this easy-going, easy to please kid of mine simply chose Thor instead and is in love with him. :) He immediately chose the little white bear and named him Thor. 

Ty kept acting like a little parent, as if he was so experienced since he had done this before. He kept showing him different outfits to chose, where to stand and what to do. He kept wanting to be in the pictures with Levi and would put his arm around him and say cheese while Lev would try to throw his arm off of him. :) Afterwards we got our birthday ice cream and they were in heaven. 

That night we made his birthday cake for his party the next day. Again, he was in heaven, especially as I let him lick the bowl and spoons. I seriously love Esty- I ordered this from them, slapped it on the cake and just decorated around it. Easiest cake ever and it looked pretty cool. 

Love this Iron Man birthday boy!