Thursday, May 22, 2014

Vannessa & Blake's Wedding

Vannessa and Blake got married here in Utah on May 19th- it was kind of a quick decision to hurry and do it on the same weekend as Linda's homecoming since they were flying in for it from Florida but it all turned out very nice. Blake has a 5 year old daughter named Tatum who is just so fun and spunky- I already love that little girl! Plus, it's the only way the Hendriksens will get a girl so we'll take her!! ;)

Blake is a super nice guy and we're excited to have him in the family. His whole family was so nice and wonderful as well. It fun talking with his mom, aunt and brothers and getting to know them. 

Could this picture be any cuter?? I had to convince Peyton that Tatum is now his cousin and that it's okay for him to put his arm around her. :)

Trying to get a picture of the cute couple and all the grandkids, haha. Pretty entertaining! I made the bowties so that's why a lot of them are crooked or tilting- a little harder than it looks!

Parker was sad that he had to sit on the same steps as everyone else- he wanted to sit at the top :)

Oldest and youngest cousins

Blake's family thought TJ and Vannessa looked exactly alike!

These bow tie onesies didn't exactly turn out like Pinterest- there was no mention of drool and spit up making the onesies and bow ties sag to their knees, haha. Shad looks like an old man with his pants up around his diaper and up to his chest!

Before the wedding we had a big lucheon at Tucanos! YUM!!

Aunt Martha and Uncle Bill flew in from California to be there for the wedding. We always love it when they visit!

During the reception, the bride and groom sat with their backs together, sitting on chairs, each holding one of their shoes and the other person's shoe. When Ruth would ask a question, such as, "Who is the crazier driver?" they had to raise a shoe if their answer was themselves or the other person. If they matched, both holding up the same shoe, they got money! After a while, Ruth asked if anyone else had any questions and one of the grandkids, Trey, got the microphone and asked, "Who likes..... cherries the most?!" It was pretty funny but the point of the story was that Ty asked for the microphone after that. I held my breath to see what/if he'd say anything or just get embarrassed. I was so surprised- he said, pretty clear, "Who likes...... pause..... bananas!?" I was so impressed because he totally followed the conversation, wasn't scared and spoke so clear! Good job Ty Ty!  He also had another turn and asked who liked apples :) 

The reception place was nice but with 9 little grandkids running around, it was bound to get hectic and crazy! Ty walked in with his bum completely soaked and dirty. They had sat in a small little decorative stream and were very dirty. Ty wore the only outfit I had from the car- all of Levi's clothes- and looked ridiculous, like an orphan with high waters and mismatching clothes, haha. 

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