Friday, May 30, 2014


If you're having a bad day, just look at this picture and I'm pretty sure, it'll at least make you smile a little bit. :) 


Look at those muscles!

The boys got such a kick out of him wearing his Spiderman :)

Last night I went to a Utah Autism Mom's dinner- just a big group of women who got together to eat and talk about their kids on the spectrum. I really enjoyed it and once again, am amazed at friendships that we've made in the autism community that we never would've had the opportunity to do otherwise. These are a group of amazing moms and it's so helpful to talk and discuss therapies, strategies, and just life. They had someone there to watch the kids and since TJ had school I took Ty and Levi there. Afterwards Ty came out and saw Zander's mom and without hesitation, right up to her and gave her a huge hug and said hi. I think that about sums up our autism friendships :)

Levi is such a cool nerd.

Shad seriously is always trying to hold his bottle already! It's kinda funny. 

Shad's first experience with rice cereal, haha. I decided it wasn't best to try it when he was tired. 

So after a nap, we tried again with much better results!!

 I love getting to 4 months. I feel that they become little people and not just tiny babies. They can be entertained by the older kids, starting to reach and try to play with toys, try new foods, sit up more and try to roll. Shad just started rolling to his stomach this week but only gets it once out of a million times. :)

This week we finished up Speech with Mrs. Robinson at Grovecrest Elementary school! With Ty's IEP, they only offered us 20 minutes of speech once a week and at first, I thought that was ridiculous. How could anything come of such a small amount of time? Plus I had to find a baby sitter for Levi and was pregnant, had a baby, and had a newborn/small infant the entire school year- so really, it was quite a bit of effort for only 20 minutes a week. But now that we did it for an entire year, I am so surprised at what a HUGE difference it's made. It was all worth it, no question. It really is SO TRUE in all aspects of life that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass. Plus, Mrs. Robinson was amazing and sooooo good with Ty. She made things fun and entertaining yet taught him so much, as well as taught me by observing their session every week. We'll always remember our Snake Sound because of Mrs. Robinson. :)

She's so creative and always doing little games while working on Ty's sounds. I brought Levi the last week and of course, she let him join in. She's so wonderful and we'll miss her next year!

I walked into the kitchen where the boys were coloring and Ty showed me this. He did it all on his own, reading all the words and coloring them the right color. I was pretty impressed, especially for a 4 year old autistic kid!

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