Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Mother's Day

Group Selfie!!

I'm finally getting around to blogging about Mother's Day- things have been a little chaotic around here, well, more so than normal let's just say. But as I was looking through my pics I realized this picture just about sums up motherhood for me. These kids are awesome. And especially as they are getting older, it's getting more and more fun to have little people around and not just babies. Even though I love my babies too. 
Anyways, I love the moments we have when everything stops for a few minutes, the world disappears and it's just us, hanging out, laughing and talking. This was one of those times- TJ was at school and it was just three (four, I guess technically), eating popsicles before bedtime outside in perfect weather! Often times I just need to slow down and play with my kids more instead of trying to be productive and busy. These type of moments are the ones that matter. 

I seriously had the BEST Mother's Day (even though I have a very chubby face in this picture)- I don't know why it was so good, I just loved it. We didn't go anywhere after church. TJ made the best, most delicious dinner, I didn't do any dishes and even got to take a nap, snuggled up with my Shaddie. It was awesome. I think the best part of all was Ty going up to sing with the Primary. He was so proud and happy to do it- I wondered if he'd be nervous or scared or throw a tantrum.  Nope! Not at all. He didn't sing much but just stood up there with his "friends" and waved a few times and stared at the crowd. Afterwards he was so proud that he sang his "mom songs" just for me. I think this meant more to me than just any normal 4 year old because I once wondered if he'd ever be capable of doing something so 'normal' and expected. The fact that he did it so perfectly, understanding why and wanting to made it so touching that I had to hold back the tears. The best present I could have received.

These two pictures are two of my favorites of my mom and mother in law. So grateful for these wonderful women in my life! 

Trying to get a picture...

Lately Shad has found his voice and is LOUD! He'll just talk and scream and you have to stop and listen for a few seconds to realize if he's talking or crying since it's so loud!

I posted this on Instagram and really mean what I wrote:
"Motherhood has taught me more than any other experience in this lifetime. Three of the best days of my life are 5/1/10, 7/7/11, and 1/21/14. However, countless other women have helped me along the way to raise these three boys that never gave birth to them- thank you to women everywhere for your influence on these special spirits sent from heaven!"

Love this big belly!

Making the dessert for my dinner :)

Heaven in a bowl- homemade pico de gallo- made by my favorite guy!

The boys "made" (okay, ate) these mother's day cookies- they love them but were soooo excited to cook them for me and them :)

TJ made the BEST mother's day meal- steamed broccoli with cheese, pico de gallo, and carne asada marinated from the mexican store- YUM! 

How Levi fell asleep during my run the other day- seriously, this kid sleeps anywhere, anytime, and any position!!

LOVE being a mom and these kiddos!!

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