Sunday, May 25, 2014

Here's to 5 years!

Last Friday we celebrated 5 years of marriage!! Yahoo!! Go us!!!

I can't believe it's only been 5 years- seems like we've been apart of each other's lives for forever- in a good way! It's been awesome and amazing with some challenging times thrown in between. But through it all, I've never once doubted that this was the right man to marry and often times am in awe at what a selfless, good, righteous, hard-working, kind, and generous man I somehow got. 

I was reflecting on these past five years and realized all the LIFE that we've experienced together: bought and sold two (almost three) houses, TJ graduated with his bachelor's degree then started a dual masters graduate program, him commuting 45+ minutes up to SLC every day, 4 pregnancies, 3 kids including (almost) irish twins and a miscarriage with D&C, 1 kid diagnosed on the autism spectrum, entered a whole new autism community world and been a major part of it, hundreds of hours towards therapies and interventions, TJ unemployed and being a stay at home dad for 4 months, struggling to find a job, two kids in day care for a few months,  I've worked full-time, part-time and now PRN, TJ started back with USANA again and rose from the bottom (again) and up to a supervisor position, bought 3 cars (including a VAN), sold 2 cars, the death of my grandma and cousin, 4 of my siblings getting injured in that same accident, my sister's brain tumor and surgery, my brother's car accident and TBI, 4 siblings married, 5 nephews born, 1 niece born, 1 niece by marriage, the re-marriage of my grandpa, multiple smaller non-life-threatening illnesses, surgeries and doctor's visits with me and the 3 kids, 5 siblings on missions- I'm sure the list could go on and on but that's already A LOT! I'm so grateful to have such a steady, strong, loving man at my side to have helped me get through these things and to find comfort and solace. I can already look back on our 8 week long dating experience to engagement and think of it as CRAZY and that I hardly knew the guy! Yet it's also so fitting that that was my TJ and I've only become more sure with each passing day that he is the one just for me. :) 

We were going to go on a cruise for our 5 year celebration but.... Shad and grad school came along! So that's put on hold for now but hopefully our 10 year one will make up for it!! Woot woot!

Trying to run and jump....

and trying to spin me around in a romantic sort of way.... 

And.... fast forward 5 years to our lovely, at-home anniversary celebration with crying baby and two rowdy boys!! Ahhh, this is the life! But as we were laughing about it, we wouldn't have it any other way. Plus, the food was delicious! At least we can COOK our way through life!

On Saturday, Linda came over and baby sat for us so we could go on a real date ( thanks, Linda!). We went to the temple to continue working on our family names and then out to eat at Olive Garden. I always love our dates since it's so weird without kids and nice to just... talk! 

I'm loving these summer nights!!

Looks comfy, huh??

Levi's nap- he seriously slept like this for about an hour. :) Love this kid!

Devin sent me this picture of my Beaubaby- I seriously could not stop laughing!! If you need something to make your day, just look at this face!! Love having a niece!

And speaking of nieces and nephews.... we got some amazing news last week from Mandie and Adam!! They've been selected by a birth mom for a little baby to adopt!! It's a little boy that is due August 11th! We are so thrilled for them and are praying everyday that everything goes through as planned. WE ARE SO EXCITED FOR BABY PECKOVER!!

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