Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Grandma's present

For Mother's Day, I knew my mom would LOVE a canvas picture of her 5 grandkids. Plus, we all just had one so it would be a while before another grandkid came so it was perfect timing. Let's just say the picture itself was what we call, "long walk, part of gift"- meaning the effort to do it all was worth more than the gift itself!

I was determined to get a good one but knew it would be tricky with two older boys who don't like pictures/ hard to get real smiles/get bored and three small babies who eat, sleep and cry a lot. 

We first went to the park to try and get it on a nice, pretty background- yeah, that lasted about 2 seconds with the wind blowing hard, being a little chilly and the boys seeing the playground in the background.

So we came back to our house and Amy went all crazy with fruit snacks, throwing them up in the air, dancing and shouting- whatever she did, it worked as I clicked away at a million pictures! 

But we got one! And that's all we needed! Out of 75 pictures, there was one semi-good one :) 

Happy Mother's Day, Grandma!

Levi loves his little Beaubaby!

Park pictures= epic fail

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