Saturday, May 10, 2014

Farewell Dinner

We got together last Thursday night in downtown Salt Lake for a farewell dinner to Devin, Teddi and baby Beau since they are moving to AZ on Monday!

Poor Beau was starving and wouldn't take a bottle- that's why she's not sitting there perfectly cute like she usually is. 

 What a difference 5 months makes! This one was taken the end of December, the day before Amy had Clay. Now we have 3 little babies- so fun!
We couldn't remember what order we took the pregnant picture in so we guessed, haha.

These boys are going to miss Uncle Devin and Aunt Teddi- they are so good to them!

Beau got her ears pierced! I about died when I saw them- so incredibly adorable and perfect. Plus, the bow- come on, doesn't get cuter than that. 

Shad styling his cool boots like his big brothers.

Can't stop kissing this face!!!!

I took this picture on my run last night because I was struck by how beautiful Utah really is. It was absolutely perfect weather last night- light breeze blowing with the out- perfect! My AZ people would die for this, especially to run in. Sometimes I do feel like I'm "stuck" here in Utah but there are things that I have come to love about being here. It's been such a great experience and as we enjoy our last 2 years here, I'm grateful the one year that I planned on staying has turned into 8! :)

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