Saturday, May 10, 2014

Check Up

Can I just say how much I LOVE Doc McStuffins? My boys are not scared but excited to go for their 'check-ups' because of that show! 

Ty- 4 years old

Weight: 34.15 lbs, 32%

Height: 39.9 in, 38%

Favorite food: milk
Favorite animal: spiders
Favorite teacher: Ms. Sarah
Best friend: Levi and Kale
Favorite color: green and red
Favorite show to watch: Disney Junior
Favorite superhero: Captain America

Opening his present from Grandma Wengert- he was in LOVE! So spoiled!!!

Levi went on his first 24 hour sleep-over with his cousins (Ty has school and couldn't go, plus Ginger had 5 boys under 4! She's one awesome aunt!!!!). It was so weird with Levi gone! Ty was at a loss. He even still took turns watching a show with Levi. He would watch one and then pick one for Levi and then his turn again! He tried to compensate by snuggling with Shad during one show- it didn't last long. 

It just made me realize how grateful I am that Heavenly Father sent Levi when he did. I know we wouldn't have had another one anytime soon after Ty and his diagnosis, therapy and interventions and so really, just Ty and Shad could be what our family would be like- so sad!! It really was a void without Levi and made me realize how lucky we are to have him!!

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