Monday, May 5, 2014

Beaudeddis moving

Devin and Teddi (the Beaudeddis) announced they are moving to AZ the same day this happened....ridiculous, I know. This was last Monday 4/28. It only lasted a few hours and melted by the afternoon but still!! Just made me even more jealous. :) Devin got a job in Neuro Shock Trauma ICU at Banner Good Samaritan in Phoenix- so excited for them! This is the next big step for them to get into grad school for nurse anesthetist! Plus both of their families are in AZ- perfect!

I am going to miss seeing this little sweet thing!

We went to Sheila's graduation at UVU last week. Shad was stylin' in Loucha's sunglasses and Levi snuggled right up to my Grandpa Allen- it was adorable. I love that my kids have a relationship with with their great-grandparents. Not very many kids have that and I appreciate the effort my grandparents put into it. They truly love these kids and it is awesome! 

Levi thinks he can dress himself, ha!

Shaddie can finally sit in the Bumbo!!

TJ is right in the middle of his 2 week break between the semesters! It's been soooo nice having him home every single evening. Makes me realize how wonderful things will be after grad school!!! 1/3 of the way done!!! 
I got to go to the temple last week since TJ was home. Coming out the sun was setting and it just looked so beautiful! Plus I'm still working on family names- makes going all the better. It's so addicting- I love it!

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