Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A New Owie

Last Friday, one of Ty's really good buddies at school, accidentally threw a toy train and gave him a little laceration on his head. I was at a bridal shower so I missed the call from his school until about 30 minutes after it happened. I guess it bled a lot and he was scared but he got to go eat his lunch in the teacher's office with his FAVORITE teacher Ms. Sarah (who he is in love with and absolutely adores) while watching Avengers cartoons on the computer- obviously the tears didn't last long and he was totally fine when I picked him. I knew it needed to be closed and luckily we were able to get right into our awesome Peds office and they were able to glue it up easy and quick, saving us an ER visit. It looks bigger than what it was with the sides pulled together but this is head wound #2. The scratches on his face are from another little boy who scratched him- rough week at school!! Good thing summer vacation is on it's way!

Notice the Lightning McQueen scooter gloves on his hands- he wore them for about 2 days straight until I made him put them in the wash. Not sure why something from Christmas is all of a sudden so irresistible to wear them for 48 hours straight! Funny kid.

See the lovely Hendriksen eyebrows right up close here!!

A few funny things Ty has recently said:

- Ty: "Levi got hurt."
Me: "Uh oh, what did he hurt?"
Ty: "His heart. He needs a check up."

- Lately, he's always saying, "Oh Dear!!"

-Ty: "Mom, I want a baby girl next."
Me: "Oh? Well me too! What should we name her?"
Ty: "Skyler."
Me: "Really? I thought you liked the name Princess?"
Ty: "Nope. I'm done with Princess. I like Skyler."

- I walked in on him doing This Little Piggy to Shad :) He said he learned it at preschool. 

- Me: "Ty- what'd you learn about at school today?"
Ty: "Volcanos."
Me: "Oh wow! What about them?"
Ty: "They go BOOM! Lava comes out and it's verrrrry HOT!"

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