Monday, May 5, 2014

4 year old Ty Ty

My little superhero turned 4 last week! 

I love how he's turning into a little person with thoughts and ideas that we can talk about. 

I love how his little personality has come out and blossomed into a sweet, kind little boy.

I love how he listens so well and has learned to work so hard to overcome challenges early on in life.

I came across this little saying and thought of my Ty Ty:

real superheroes 
live in the hearts 
of small children 
fighting big battles. 

I love this little boy and all that he's taught me in 4 short years. I am a better person because of him and hope to keep seeing us both progress and become better, together. 

 On Ty's real birthday he got to wear his birthday shirt and take cookies to his class. Everything still has to be store bought, which is lame, but at least they let me take them out of the original containers and make them more fun- looking. :) He was so proud that they sung Happy Birthday to him and that he got a birthday sticker. He was also on cloud nine when the primary sang to him on Sunday and kept singing, "yippee hi ho" and some version of the birthday song they sang him. They've also been playing "happy birthday" with their toys. :)

After school we went to the Build-a-Bear store and then got ice cream at his very favorite place, Baskin Robbins. He got to make his very own Captain America bear that he named Steve Rodgers :) He was so proud of his bear and has been taking it everywhere with him. 

Poor Levi has been struggling with the idea that his birthday hasn't come yet. So when Ty fell asleep on the way home, I let Levi open his birthday present that came in the mail from Grandma, especially since she spoils them so bad. He was in love with all his new stuff! 

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