Sunday, May 25, 2014

4 Months

So serious sometimes!!!

Love these baby feet! All the shoes this little guy wears are ones that I collected when Ty was born. It's so funny that all three of my babies have worn them now.

4 Months Old!

Weight: 14.2 oz = 22 percentile

Length: 25.75 cm =  77 percentile

Head circ: 16.7 cm = 79 percentile

So we have a tall, skinny, big headed boy- definitely from his dad's side! Ha! 

Well, I'm so in love with this little baby. He's such a joy and his smile is so infectious. At 4 months old, he is doing much better- less fussy and I think it's all due to his reflux medicine. He doesn't arch his back much at all and he's finally learned to soothe himself in the car and takes better naps instead of screaming or crying himself to sleep. That's quite an accomplishment since it's quite a feat to get all 4 of us ready every morning- matching, clean clothes, shoes on, breakfast eaten, hair gelled, teeth brushed, lunch packed, backpack ready and noses cleaned- all by 8:40 am to get Ty to school on time every morning, 5 days a week. Shad used to scream as soon we'd get in the car to go and cry the whole time, my nerves on edges. But it's soooo wonderful now, as soon as I turn on the car, he closes his eyes and takes his morning nap- silently sleeping the whole 40 minutes. I feel bad for the guy- it's not always been his fault that I sometimes think of him as a fussy baby. He rarely gets a full nap at home, in his bed since we are always on the go. Often he'll take countless naps in his car seat, on and off. Sometimes he just wants out and to be a home, snuggled with some attention. He's a sweet boy.

He still sleeps the majority of the night with me. I know, I need to wean him to his own bed but with us moving soon and the crib packed, that's not happening anytime soon. So he starts off in his vibrating bed next to our bed and ends up as my teddy bear. He's sooooo sunggly and loves sleeping like that. He'll wake up once, sometimes twice for a quite 2-3 oz snack and go right back to sleep. He wakes up so happy and never cries while waking up- just wakes up gradual and slowly, next to me.

He got the green light to start rice cereal! I think we'll try some as soon as I remember to get some from the store. He still eats like a champ and usually has his poor bottle propped. He still takes a pacifier quite well- my first baby to do so. He's trying to hold his own bottle and starting to be entertained with toys and grabbing objects.

Our Shaddie boy holds his head well but still isn't rolling over much yet. He's starting to try but loses interest quickly. He also smiles super easy and quick- as long as we're at home and in a situation where it doesn't matter. Put him in front of a camera and he'll only smile on his own terms!!! Drives me crazy sometimes!!! 

He's a tough little boy with two older brothers always accidentally falling or bumping him. He loves his mommy and will just sit and stare at me in the car without blinking (seems like it) for forever. He's so sweet. He needs another haircut soon and is getting a really big bald spot on the back of his head. His torticollis seems to not be an issue anymore since we've focused on it and have done the exercises. His head is perfectly round and no need for a helmet or anything. 

I still have a deep desire for a little girl in my life someday but nothing could ever replace this little boy. My heart melts just looking at him and sometimes I have to make myself stop kissing these cheeks. Having two older kids who grow so fast and also experiencing the miscarriage before him has made me appreciate and long for this little guy, more than I ever experience with my other kids. Love them all just as much but I am finding more joy in the baby stage than I have before. I think it's a more mature love and not taking it for granted. 

We love you, Shaddie boy! You bring so much happiness to our family!

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