Thursday, May 22, 2014

3 & 4 year old Pictures

Seriously.... who would've thought the hardest one to get to smile and look at the camera would be the super-smiley-at-home 4 month old???! Not the autistic one. Not the serious one. The baby!!! Ahhhh!! The photographer and I were doing everything possible that we could think of, looking absolutely ridiculous, trying to get this baby to even turn one side of his lip up..... nothing. She took a few of him, just serious shots but they weren't even remotely cute so they don't even make the blog! How sad is that?! Ha! I love the kid to death and he's adorable in real life but in pictures where he's not smiling.... not so cute! :)

But my whole purpose in getting pictures done were for Ty and Levi's yearly pictures and to try to get a good group one together. At least 2 out of the 3 were smiling so... I'll take it!

Levi- (almost) 3 years old

Ty- 4 years old

Did I mention how Shad would NOT SMILE!!!!!!!! Drives me crazy!!!!!

Oh well. There's always next year right??

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