Sunday, April 27, 2014

Ty's Birthday Party

This little boy had a Superhero/Captain America Birthday Party yesterday! 

He had sooooo much fun and was soooo excited. It was pretty cute. We invited his cousins his age and 4 little friends from school- Trey, Brock, Parker, Luke, Braden, Zander and Kale. At first I was only going to invite cousins since he's so little and his first friend birthday party but, a few weeks before, he saw Kale at Target and they ran towards each other and hugged and were so happy to see each other. 

These kids from school spend 28 hours a week together for the last 18 months and next year will be going separate ways. So how could I not invite some of his very best friends? It was a little chaotic but hopefully organized chaos! It was supposed to be at a park so there would be lots of room to run around and play but we woke up to RAIN, all day long! Change in plans! It was a little tricky too since we had a showing on our house right before the party started but luckily, it all worked out. 

 Gotta love Etsy- so cute and easy!

Captain America Shield Cake- a little tricky to make the star, looks a little like a starfish but it's not hard to please a 4 year old!

 He tells everyone, "Now I'm almost 4 because my real birthday is May 1st."

We had three little games to play: Pin the Shield on the Star, another one where you threw the shield into the box and then a Superhero matching game. The kids had fun.
My favorite SUPERHERO!!! 

Ty doesn't like wearing masks or things on his head (sensory issue) so he gave it to Shad. :)

Apparently SpiderMan doesn't like kisses from Captain America

Trey, I mean Thor, and Ty

The best group picture I could get. There's Zander, Brock, Trey, Ty, Kale, Parker, Luke and most of Braden :)

Ty couldn't stop jumping up and down with excitement :)

Several of the parents stayed since we did have 5 autistic little boys in one room together :)

How excited Ty was to open presents :)

He loved blowing out his candles. After the party, I found him and Levi playing with toys, playing 'birthday'- they were singing their version of happy birthday while the toy would blow out the candle. 

Ty and Zander

 Making silly faces while getting into the cake after all the other kids left :)

Overall, we survived and I think it was a success! Ty was one happy little boy at least!!

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