Monday, April 7, 2014

Thanks, Aunt Amy!

Matching shirts from Aunt Amy- thank you!!!

Big Cowboy Ty 
Lil' Cowboy Levi 
Baby Cowboy Shad 
Crazy Adorableness

I'm always making Shad "talk" by moving his chin up and down because the boys crack up laughing. Well, of course, they're always trying to do it themselves now as you can see in this picture. Haha.

11 weeks old! 

Definitely smiles a lot but usually just in the mornings and only when he wants to. Stubborn like Ty.

Still has out of control hair- not sure if I should at least trim it?? It's getting crazier each week with a few patchy bald spots in the back- yes, lovely, I know.

My mom always says how he looks exactly like me at this age- makes me happy to finally have at least one look alike!! 

Unedited version of Levi's face, (it's been a week since he fell- definitely getting much better!)

Ty- "Oh, Mom!! The hulk is BIG... just like you!" 

Thank you, son.

He's soooooo excited for his Captain America party and likes helping to plan it. He's always asking me who my favorite superhero is. Then he'll assign roles to everyone. He's always Capt. America, of course, and Levi is Spider-man. Then Baby Shad is Batman, Mom is Iron Man, and Dad is The Hulk. At least I'm not always The Hulk?? 

Love these feet!! 

(Although all three of my boys have very weird toe nails... I should take a picture of them. They are flat and odd shaped and often scratch me which is one of my very biggest pet peeves in the world- left over trauma from having gross brothers. I have no idea where they get them from).

I bribed them with a Fruit by the Foot at 9 am- I'm awesome.

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