Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Park City

 My Aunt Lisa had an easter egg hunt last Saturday at their condo in Park City- Ty especially LOVED it. He's soooo excited for the easter bunny to come. Levi mostly loved eating as much candy as he could stuff in his mouth. I love the matching outfits my Aunt Lisa gave them when Shad was born!

And now, random phone pictures:

 Day 1 after jumping off the couch playing Spider-Man (the same day me and Lev spent a good several hours missing church at Instacare for pink eye in the right eye!)

Days 2 and 3- everywhere we go, people ask what happened??!!

 "Washing" the mirrors with soap

Levi calls himself "Ye ye"- how he says Levi. Close buddy!

9 weeks old
 This little boy was diagnosed with Toricollis last week- meaning his neck muscles are shorter on one side so he is always looking one way- left in his case. This is caused by him having a position of comfort and liking to look left so overtime, the neck muscles shortened slightly.  If not caught early enough it can cause the head to misshape and lead to needing a helmet. The treatment is physical therapy. Since we caught it so early and it was pretty mild the doctor showed me what way to move his head for just home PT. So hopefully it'll do the trick and no helmet!! 

Melts my heart

"Please, mama, can I take this home?! PLEASE???"

Sorry, son. :)


doug s. said...

all of their matching outfits are SO cute! Your boys are so adorable Tara.. We need to get together again!

doug s. said...

sorry, this is Tricia...not Doug

Dustin Hancock said...

Hey Levi, you'll have to come visit Mikayla & Maylee sometime... They have more barbies than you'd be able to stand. :)