Thursday, April 17, 2014

Farr Cousins

My cousin, KiLeigh and her family recently moved to Altamont, UT and it's been so fun getting together and doing things with our seven kids! This week was their spring break and Ty didn't have school on Monday so we headed up to the zoo. That day we also happened to have 3 showings on our house so somehow we got the house clean, stayed out of it for 7 hours, fed them lunch and dinner and survived while having such a great time!

Porter- 7.5 years
Payson- almost 6 years
Ty- almost 4 years
Ollie- 3 years
Levi- 2.5 years
Shad- 11 weeks
Olyn- 6 weeks

The zoo was pretty empty so it was a perfect day to go and lots of the animals were up close and moving lots.

New Record- 4 kids in a double stroller!

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