Saturday, April 26, 2014

Easter Morning

 We like to do easter baskets on Saturday morning since it's makes Sunday so much easier to get to church on time and more focus on the Savior. We did that growing up and the boys have no idea so it works great! They were soooo excited Easter morning!

Shad's morning hair :)

Waking up and coming out together to see their baskets. 

We got such a great video of Ty and his reaction to his basket. He kept saying, "This is soooo COOL! Whoa!!! Look! Books! Oohhhh wow! This is sooo cool!!" over and over. It was pretty funny. Needless to say, he liked it. :)

Look at that tongue! Definitely gets it from TJ. They have matching tongues. 

Shaddie boy is just on the hunt for chicks already!!!

We went to an Easter Egg Hunt in Orem- not sure why we always go to these things. Sooo crowded and kids everywhere. The boys didn't even get an actual egg, just candy on the ground. But they didn't care. They thought it was awesome, especially since I didn't care what they ate or how much. :)

Love these three boys of mine!!

Before I had kids or if I had looked into the future, if I would've seen that I'd have three boys, I never would've believed you or would have been disappointed to not see a little girly girl in there. Funny how Heavenly Father knows exactly what you need and what makes you the very happiest, more than you'll ever know yourself! :) 

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