Saturday, April 26, 2014

Birthday Date

Last weekend we got almost a whole day to hang out together to celebrate my birthday- it was so fun!! I can't remember the last time we spent so much time together without kids- thank you to my wonderful mother-in-law- it was awesome!!

Normally I hate selfies (of me) but we had to document this rare occasion, plus the flowers at the temple were sooo pretty! It was the perfect day. We went to the Jordan River Temple (and had family names to do which I always love doing), went and saw the movie Divergent (I've read all the books so I was excited!) and then out to eat at the Cheesecake Factory. We also did a few errands in between without kids- I forget how quick, easy and enjoyable it is. :) Who knew the fabric store could be so fun on a date? haha. 

I LOVE how all my boys have cousins so close in age to each of them on both sides of the family. As they continue to grow up they'll have so much fun together! Shad and Lawson are about 5 months apart. 

Shad- 3 months old
Lawson- 8 months old

Our house continues to be all a-crazed with... SpiderMan and Captain America!! I found these costumes at clearance prices and (so far) plan on using them for Halloween too as well as Ty's birthday party. Plus, if I don't have a dress up box full of dresses and sparkly things, we can do a few superhero costumes instead. :) These boys were in heaven when I let them try them on for a few hours. 

Shad got a new bed! I sold the old big, bulky bassinet for this small compact side of the bed crib thingy- it's awesome! I love it. And he sleeps well in it. Still learning to sleep all night long in it though but that's okay. He'll sleep 10 hours straight cuddled up with me in bed so it's a hard habit to break since we both sleep sooooo good- he's my little teddy bear. 

This little guy also turned THREE MONTHS this past week! He now is super smiley and happy, especially when he first wakes up in the morning. He hasn't tried to roll at all yet but likes to push up against things with both legs. He's much less fussy now that he's on the reflux medicine and has a big belly from eating lots. He's usually pretty happy and always lights up when his brothers are around. He's definitely a momma's boy and could already use another haircut. I get comments all the time that he's a Wengert baby. He now likes his little play mat on the floor and is noticing things like the little mirror by his carseat and the toys hanging from his jiggly bottom seat. I love how his smiles come so much easier now and he seems like a happy, content little guy. Love this little baby of mine!!

Ty said, "Mom! Come check it out! Look what I did!" and showed me this little arrangement of cars on the couch. He then said, "Take a picture of it!" So. Here is The Picture. 

These boys like to watch Doc McSuffins, which I love because she's black and a doctor/nurse. Plus it teaches kids to not be afraid of going to the doctor which is sooo great. When I was getting ready to go back to work they found my stethoscope and were playing doctor. Ty would say, "Okay, Levi. Lay down, it's time for your check up. Okay, let's check your head. Hmmm it's good. Okay, check your arm. Yep, it's good. Okay, check your bum bum, yep. All better. I fixed you. Your turn."And then they'd switch. Love it!

I went back to work after 12 weeks maternity leave last Wednesday. It was only an 8 hour shift and a good one- from 1000 to 1800 so pretty easy. Ruth watched the boys until TJ got home. From now until June I was able to pick up just 8 hour shifts once a week. This will work so much better and it'll be sooo nice working so much less. It's just too hard with TJ in school and with three kids now. Plus, we're closer to our goal of me being full time mom at home. It is nice to work just a little bit on the side, socialize, have friends, do something I enjoy/good at, and keep up specialized skills. 

SpiderMan loves blue icing doughnuts at 9 am- what a good mommy he has! It has been a full 4 weeks since his big bruise from when he fell off the couch. Now he has an indention there and slight discoloring. I'm hoping it continues to heal and go away over time and that we don't need a plastic surgeon or anything. Ugh. 

He wore this for about 5 hours straight, mask and everything. He even fell asleep in the car with it on. I finally took it off, afraid he'd suffocate or something. But nope, he's a superhero so what was I thinking??! :)

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