Thursday, April 17, 2014

Autism Celebration

April is Autism Awareness Month and every year the autism community in Utah Valley has a big celebration at UVU with food, games, free shirts and a big balloon launch before a free UVU baseball game. It's really touching to see everyone come together for a common cause and similar challenge in life. 

It's also fun for Ty to see his teachers outside of the regular school setting. These are just some of the amazing people we've been so priviledged to work with the past almost 2 years. We see them every single day and Ty is with them from 9-2:30 pm daily- we're around them more than family and they know Ty better than anyone else (besides me, haha). We LOVE them and are getting sad to be leaving the program the end of June. I started taking more pictures of them since they are family to us and Ty loves them dearly!

Very excited about the balloons. After we released them into the sky, Ty couldn't believe we let them go and was very sad about it. "Mom! How come you let mine GO???" he said though many tears. It wasn't a tantrum but just sad tears as he looked up at me. I felt bad. :)

LOVE these ladies!
Ashley, Ainsley, Kristyn, Courtney, Sarah

Ty loves them too but was too excited to eat Cheetos. 

Ty, obviously, really enjoyed his popcorn. 

Kristyn is amazing- she's our food therapy specialist. 

They were out of smaller shirts quite fast so Levi wore a dress.

For the middle of April, it was a nice and sunny day- until we got there later in the afternoon. Then it became cloudy, overcast and windy. It was just a tiny bit chilly. I didn't bring jackets or even a blanket for poor Shadie. 

They had all sorts of animals on display, like snakes, giant lizards, tarantulas, spiders. The boys were so intrigued. 

I was invited to speak at the KOTM Staff Training Meeting, just about Ty's progress and the journey we've had at Bridges and Kids on the Move. I always enjoy doing that stuff.

There were hundreds of balloons- pretty cool to see.

Felicia is one of Ty's teachers. Such a small world because I served in her home ward back in West Bend, WI and knew her family well back in 2007-2008 (she had just left for college). Who would've thought that 6 years later their daughter would be helping my son immensely and we'd both be absorbed into the autism world??

My little minion! 

T shirt blanket :)

The beaudeddis came! That's what we call Beau, Teddi and Devin now :)

Since it's autism awareness month, I see autism related memes floating around everywhere. I really like some of them :) 

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