Friday, April 18, 2014

29 and Random

Well, this week was the 29th birthday! Crazy to think as this is the last year of my twenties- I don't feel that old but I guess it makes sense having 3 kids, a career, awesome husband and a home :) TJ felt so bad he had to work all day and had school after. It really wasn't a big deal to me, especially since we are going out this weekend but it was still sweet that he cared so much. 

I woke up to birthday cards and a tracking system that can go on the bike we're going to get so I can prepare for the triathlon I'm doing in August (hopefully! only doing it if I lose the baby weight- not getting into a swimsuit if not :). I've been pretty frustrated lately since I've been killing myself working out and the numbers on the scale haven't moved at all. I still can't fit into my normal clothes but don't want to go out and buy new bigger ones. With Ty it wasn't much of a struggle, with Levi it just fell off after I stopped nursing at 7 months but this baby, geez! It is hanging on for dear life! I know it's only been 3 months but having a good 20-30 lbs hanging on you is quite noticeable. I've got to control it more next time I get preg!! Ahhh!!! First world problems, I guess. But maybe if I lived in third world I'd be starving and weight wouldn't matter, haha. jk. 

Anyways, it was a good birthday with my boys! I went to Target to spend gift money just for ME for once!! (that's when you know you're old and just a mom, when Target is exciting!! but I somehow always end up buying at least something for one of the boys). We used free birthday coupons and went out for ice cream and got lunch. Nice and simple. Ty was so excited that it was Mom's birthday- it was pretty cute. 

Almost able to sit in the bumbo- someone is kinda excited about that!

Ty's sunbeam class made dirt cups to talk about the earth and since Ty doesn't like chocolate Levi benefitted from that on the way home from church!

Got this exciting piece of mail last week!!!! After graduating in December 2006, this baby is finally paid off!! Whoo hooo!! Just in time to get new ones for TJ's graduate program!! :)

Shaddie boy and Clay Clay
11 weeks and 14 weeks

We had such a great Spring Break last week! We didn't even go many places, just enjoyed being home and not having to rush from one thing to another. The boys were in heaven, watching cartoons all morning, playing outside and inside for hours together. Poor Levi misses Ty during the day so they really enjoyed the time together. It's so funny to listen in on their conversations. One that I over heard went like this:

Ty: "No, Levi, you have to use your snake sound, like this 'sssssss' (S sound)
Levi: "sssss"
Ty: "Good Levi. Now try it again."
Levi: "ssssssss-fruit snacks."
Ty: "No, Lev. There's no 'S' in fruit snacks."
Levi: "ssssss- cars"
Ty: "More practice."

Since it was Spring Break, I had the three kids instead of just two during the day. It was also the first week where it was actually warm enough outside for Shad! That meant exercising with all three kids in the double stroller- pretty sure it was close to 80 lbs weight total. Good workout! Especially going up the hills- brutal!!

I wanted a picture of me and the three boys for my birthday but Ty didn't want to, Levi was crying so it was just me and Shaddie. And his semi smile :)

I've had lots of people comment on his quiet little cries and the sounds he makes. I've never really noticed- you get so used to the sounds your babies make. But they really are very quiet. My mom says he sounds like a kitten meowing or purring when he cries, haha. 

Teddi and Beau had a baby shower last week! Shad and Clay had to go support their cousin, of course. Teddi got some of the cutest little girl clothes- adorable! I don't care what anyone says, girl clothes are cuter than boys!!!!

Devin wanting to take a nap with all three babies

Beau wearing the cute outfit I got her, complete with the bow! We had Easter dinner here since Devin has to work all weekend and Dallin and Amy were down here from Logan. So fun having everyone together. 

They really did fall asleep like this. How uncomfortable, right?? They were both nodding off and I was afraid they'd fall forward as I was running so I just gently pushed them both back and they didn't resist. What a nice quiet workout with all three asleep!

He's getting so big now!

I told you, these guys can fall asleep anywhere! We pulled into Costco and both kids were asleep. So I just gave them pillows and they stayed right asleep. Everyone kept staring or commenting on it. It was a nice peaceful Costco trip for me!

Shad with his Great Grandma Allen at the baby shower

Trying to get a picture on my birthday morning

 And because I like to include my Instagrams in my yearly book I publish:

My best friend since we were 4 years old, Mallory Parsons. Our birthdays are 4 days apart so we always celebrated it together. I realized this year, as we are turning 29 that we've been friends for 25 years!! That seems so long!! I'm so grateful for her and all we've had together. :)

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Jen Perkins said...

Glad you had a nice birthday! And seriously, could your kids be any cuter? And if you have any extra weight on you, it isn't showing at all in these pictures. You look great!