Thursday, March 13, 2014

Blessing Day

Shad was blessed on Sunday March 9, 2014 along with his little cousin, Clay Wengert. TJ blessed him and the whole day was absolutely perfect! My parents and little brother Tanner drove up for the weekend and I just LOVE having them here.  We had a lot of friends and family here to support us all as well, which always means so much. 

Shad didn't cry at all and looked so handsome in his blessing outfit- the same one worn by Ty and Levi. Some of the things included in his blessing was that he would be healthy and strong, that he might marry in the temple and be close to his mom, brothers and other siblings (TJ didn't say sisters specifically- I was hoping for some divine revelation in that regard! ;) It was really neat to be able to have a double blessing with Dallin and Amy as well. Something like that doesn't happen very often so I thought it was so neat that it all worked out! Little Clay was too cute and it's so fun to have these boys so close together.

The Four Wengert Cousins! 

In about 3 weeks we'll have another little cousin join these guys..... we are all dying to know if it'll be a little girl or boy cousin..... hurry up Teddi! :)

Shad Wengert Hendriksen
7 weeks old

This blanket was made by my late Grandma Wengert who made it for Ty's blessing. She died when Ty was just 6 weeks old so I really treasure it and only use it for my boys' blessings days. 


4 Generations of Hendriksens

(I always hate blessing day pictures because I'm so chubby still!!!)

Me and Amy's good friend Charlotte and her family drove down to come to the blessing. Little Jane is only a month older than Clay so we always joke about who she's going to marry. Char and I were missionary companions. 

Olyn (my cousin KiLeigh's baby who is 8 days old!), Clay- 10 weeks, Jane- 2.5 months, and Shad- 7 weeks

My dad with the two newest grandsons

Payson with his new little brother, Olyn 

My cousin, KiLeigh, drove 2 hours from Roosevelt with her cute little family- which included 4 kids, one of which is 8 days old!! Us Wengerts are crazy, we know- the things we do for family! :)

Shad decided he was done with pictures and really wanted to eat instead.

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Jen Perkins said...

Too cute!!! He's seriously a beautiful baby. Good job, momma.