Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Benefit Concert

Last weekend we went up to Logan for a benefit concert that the Ag College at USU put on for Dallin and Amy to welcome them back. It was pretty neat of them to do that and very touching. TJ and I finished the video that we started after the accident and they played it there as well. It all turned out really well and was very touching. County Red played and they were pretty good! Obviously we didn't stay for the whole thing since we had the kids with us but we enjoyed it!

Waiting for the concert to start

Earlier in the day we went to the sheep farm where Dallin works and visited my Uncle Kenny's new house. We also ate at this pretty good mexican restaurant before it as well. I love hanging out with my brothers and their wives. It's fun now that they are having kids too- we're not the only crazy ones. 

Levi loved the little baby goats

Ty got to go on a tractor ride with Dallin- I was so impressed that he's driving this huge thing! You would've never known he is a TBI patient!! He's doing awesome. His boss held his job for him- that's how much they like him there. :)

Could this face get any cuter?? 
Seriously, Baby Clay is the easiest, most calm, chill baby there is. He's definitely Dallin's son. It's practically abnormal how good he is! I think Heavenly Father knew they needed this after all they've been through. Shad was crying and irritable and fussy all day- much more normal. I was blown away by Mr. Clay. He'll sit in his carseat for three hours just looking around while my aunt did Amy's hair, sat on Devin's lap during the entire concert without a fuss- stuff like that all the time. He's awesome.  

Our new latest obsessions at our house- Spiderman and Captain America!

How TJ feeds Shad :)

Feeding themselves dinner

And our house is officially on the market! Too bad our flowers aren't big and blooming and it's the ugly between winter/spring outside. Fingers crossed!!! Even though we are sad to leave this ward and area....

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