Sunday, March 30, 2014

Baby Beau!

Beau Wengert
Saturday March 29, 2014
3:17 pm
6 lbs, 12 oz
19 inches

The proud daddy with Beau wearing her first bow from Aunt Tara! :) She was one hour old!!!

We gave Teddi such a hard time the entire pregnancy for deciding not to find out the gender- we wanted to know NOW what it was!! Devin wanted to know sooo bad but of course, went along knowing it'd be so fun in the delivery room. Well, Baby Beau decided to come this weekend and!!! I was sooo surprised at HOW FUN it really was!!! It was so worth it and so suspenseful! I wad literally glued to my phone. Poor Teddi pushed for three hours and they could see black hair the entire time. We were all dying!! When she finally was born the doctor held her back to everyone for a moment and then turned her around- everyone cheered and yelled "A GIRL!!!" and hugged and was crying- even the doctor and nurse! Devin said it was really, really amazing moment. Everyone thought it was a boy so it was pretty surprising. Amy and I were driving in the car from Park City from a family easter egg hunt and she got the text from Teddi's brother- we were screaming and yelling like crazy people. My mom called a second later and we told her- just SO fun!! Amy and I showed up when she was about an hour old.

Her poor face, bruised and swollen.

After 8 nephews and three sons, I finally have a little girl in my life to dote on!! I am so excited and was even more excited to put her first bow on and bring her first outfit and blanket to the hospital.

Shad- 9 weeks old
Beau- Birth Day!
Clay- 12 weeks old

The Wengert Grandkids

Ty- almost 4
Levi- almost 3
Clay- 12 weeks
Shad- 9 weeks
Beau- just born!

Matching outfits from Aunt Lisa

Beautiful Teddi

 LOVE my baby girl!!!!

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