Sunday, March 30, 2014

Baby Beau!

Beau Wengert
Saturday March 29, 2014
3:17 pm
6 lbs, 12 oz
19 inches

The proud daddy with Beau wearing her first bow from Aunt Tara! :) She was one hour old!!!

We gave Teddi such a hard time the entire pregnancy for deciding not to find out the gender- we wanted to know NOW what it was!! Devin wanted to know sooo bad but of course, went along knowing it'd be so fun in the delivery room. Well, Baby Beau decided to come this weekend and!!! I was sooo surprised at HOW FUN it really was!!! It was so worth it and so suspenseful! I wad literally glued to my phone. Poor Teddi pushed for three hours and they could see black hair the entire time. We were all dying!! When she finally was born the doctor held her back to everyone for a moment and then turned her around- everyone cheered and yelled "A GIRL!!!" and hugged and was crying- even the doctor and nurse! Devin said it was really, really amazing moment. Everyone thought it was a boy so it was pretty surprising. Amy and I were driving in the car from Park City from a family easter egg hunt and she got the text from Teddi's brother- we were screaming and yelling like crazy people. My mom called a second later and we told her- just SO fun!! Amy and I showed up when she was about an hour old.

Her poor face, bruised and swollen.

After 8 nephews and three sons, I finally have a little girl in my life to dote on!! I am so excited and was even more excited to put her first bow on and bring her first outfit and blanket to the hospital.

Shad- 9 weeks old
Beau- Birth Day!
Clay- 12 weeks old

The Wengert Grandkids

Ty- almost 4
Levi- almost 3
Clay- 12 weeks
Shad- 9 weeks
Beau- just born!

Matching outfits from Aunt Lisa

Beautiful Teddi

 LOVE my baby girl!!!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Benefit Concert

Last weekend we went up to Logan for a benefit concert that the Ag College at USU put on for Dallin and Amy to welcome them back. It was pretty neat of them to do that and very touching. TJ and I finished the video that we started after the accident and they played it there as well. It all turned out really well and was very touching. County Red played and they were pretty good! Obviously we didn't stay for the whole thing since we had the kids with us but we enjoyed it!

Waiting for the concert to start

Earlier in the day we went to the sheep farm where Dallin works and visited my Uncle Kenny's new house. We also ate at this pretty good mexican restaurant before it as well. I love hanging out with my brothers and their wives. It's fun now that they are having kids too- we're not the only crazy ones. 

Levi loved the little baby goats

Ty got to go on a tractor ride with Dallin- I was so impressed that he's driving this huge thing! You would've never known he is a TBI patient!! He's doing awesome. His boss held his job for him- that's how much they like him there. :)

Could this face get any cuter?? 
Seriously, Baby Clay is the easiest, most calm, chill baby there is. He's definitely Dallin's son. It's practically abnormal how good he is! I think Heavenly Father knew they needed this after all they've been through. Shad was crying and irritable and fussy all day- much more normal. I was blown away by Mr. Clay. He'll sit in his carseat for three hours just looking around while my aunt did Amy's hair, sat on Devin's lap during the entire concert without a fuss- stuff like that all the time. He's awesome.  

Our new latest obsessions at our house- Spiderman and Captain America!

How TJ feeds Shad :)

Feeding themselves dinner

And our house is officially on the market! Too bad our flowers aren't big and blooming and it's the ugly between winter/spring outside. Fingers crossed!!! Even though we are sad to leave this ward and area....

Friday, March 21, 2014

My greatest accomplishment...

What is the greatest accomplishment of these last 28 years of my life, you may say?

Well, a new feat has topped the charts recently. With great pleasure I announce that I have successfully potty trained TWO toddler (boys) in the last 7 months. That's right. That is what I deem to be the most astounding thing I've ever done. And I mean it. :)

I seriously think potty training is the least pleasurable thing in the whole entire world. 
Especially with my stubborn boys but... they did it!! Yahoo!!!!

We're back to only ONE in diapers!! Now that's something to celebrate! Now we just have replaced the money we save on diapers and put it towards Shad's formula but I'll take it!

Happy TWO MONTHS to this little guy today!! 
Weight: 11 lbs, 1 oz (25%)
Length: 22.25 cm (21%)
Head Circ: 15.6 (73%)

Looks like we have a little guy with a big head- definitely from the Hendriksen side! haha, jk. 
Baby Shad certainly brings so much joy to our family. The boys adore him and he's always making them laugh by the funny little things babies do. Shad loves his swing, recently has started smiling and cooing, especially when he wakes up in the mornings. He likes the car and can usually comfort himself back to sleep as long as the car is moving and driving. He sleeps great and only wakes up twice now. The only thing that he's not in his crib (it's downstairs where it's cold and far away from me, plus we're moving) so they'll be sleep training issues in the crib in the future :). He's still a pretty calm, chill baby but loves to be held and snuggled. He still has wild, crazy hair that's difficult to contain and usually has some sort of bedhead hair in the back. Although he is started to get a bald patch in the back so I'm sure it'll be falling out soon. His hair color is still a lighter brown and eyes are just dark grey so far. He's my little buddy and I'm having so much fun with him!

Had to make sure he wore green on St. Patrick's Day! I took the boys to Chik-fil-a and me adn Shad just hung out while they played :)

What happens when I forget about the bath water running....

Thursday, March 13, 2014


Levi got to go on a breakfast date with Dad- he had soooo much fun. These boys LOVE spending that one on one time that's so important. It's so cute :)

Levi gets very proud of himself when he can put on his own shoes- nice outfit buddy!

 Reading books- they like to keep their tiger and shark towels on their heads. 
The other day we were doing a dinosaur puzzle and Ty said, "Look, Mom! A diplodocus because it has a long neck!" Huh??? I asked him how he knew that and he said, "Oh, just Bob the Builder dino movie." Scary how much they pick up from things they watch!!

These boys sure love each other. I walked in to find Lev laying on Ty's lap while they were watching a movie. Ty was scratching his head- it was pretty cute if I do say so myself. 

Last week Ty got to go to his first birthday party!! He was sooooo excited and slept with the invitation the two nights before the party. The second that I dropped him off he started opening up the present to show Madison what he got her- me and her mom both jumped in before she could see, haha. 

My cousin Kole got married to this cute girl, Courtney last week, in the Salt Lake Temple. It was fun to be able to go to the luncheon and reception with all the rest of the Allen family.

Devin and Teddi have a thing for babies right now- they are pretty much obsessed- mostly because they are so excited for their own little one to come so soon! They were walking around holding the 2 babies and Teddi being 9 months pregnant- we were laughing at what people must be thinking!

These boys love their Grandpa. When I picked Ty up from school the day they left he asked where Grandma, Grandpa and Tanner were. I told them they had to go home and he got the saddest look on his face and said, "But I miss my family!! I want to see them and play!!"

We have a smiler!!! 
I was able to grab a few pics of these first ones when he was exactly 6 weeks. I always feel like the first smiles are the best payback for the chaos of the newborn stage. It seems like they are just saying, "I do love you for everything you've done to keep me alive these last 2 months!" Love it and so excited for more to come. I am enjoying this little baby SO MUCH- the newborn stage hasn't seemed too bad and I savor the time we snuggle together :)